Eek! I found some angry Russians

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Re: Eek! I found some angry Russians

Postby Darkins » Sat Mar 08, 2014 9:25 pm

Bambus wrote:
Nimmeth wrote:
Bambus wrote:On this note, how can I know/read coordinates? (I am pretty new to the game :roll: )

Alt + F4

Ah thanks ¦] . I will have to look up the coordinates when I get home from work tonight, so for now you'll have to make do with just this (rather bad) screenie. I (the guy in front with the sled ;) ) saw them talking Russian to eachother and as soon as they noticed me, they started chasing me (even though I'm such a peaceful/pacifistic hermit :evil: ):

Edit: Inb4 the edit :mrgreen:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
i remember you, man :3
its was very funny to chase you ( but we even didnt have rights of englishman at those moment) , we chase you just for lulz :)
and nope , we are not russians . I and my party from Ukraine , and we peaceful too :mrgreen:
sry for my poor english
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