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Re: how to win salem

Postby Judaism » Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:33 am

I honestly disagree at this point and that is mozt likely because he quit, now I am able to not ***** him and without Darwoth we would had been quite bored and less of a cause in the game. It is true that we had questionable mechanics and play styles used against us such as boundary stone colapses, tbc within a few hours after tea nukes, madness tactics such as dbears, utilize of lumberwoods as defenses, Trojan horses, Summonings out of combat, scentless cannons bloodmoons utilize and many more. That said, that was one of his strong sides, being able to think about those kind of things quick and finding ways to utilize them in-game. Otherwise a solo player would not be able to fight against multiple people. Whenever we had some attack against Darwoth, he almost always came out as victor, dipite being alone. He did do some amazing raids, endavours against us and inflicted more damage than anynone else and truly was the only thing holding us back from raiding\killing sprees.

All of this does barely include Jamestown, or the expedition servers where with the first he actually managed to wipe out the remaining competition by a nicely made up story, which was sufficient for us to ignore the required effort and time simply because the game had insufficient measurements and tracking tools to confirm any of it. It would be a huge time sink if you ontinue to play for many months, when the outcome had been decided already.

I had plenty of encounters against CG and the tribe, Darwoth didnt rely on bruteforce but still was very effectve, even if you remove all his questinabl mechanics and perhaps heads ups, he still would had been a force to reckon wit

Vaction in Autria typing everything on my phone has causd some typos and wrong senteces. CBA to fix em all.
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Re: how to win salem

Postby Dallane » Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:18 am

Kindred wrote: If you expect me to search through all of his posts on this forums for it though then that sounds like a job of a mod of said forum because i dont care enough.

Not my job to prove your own statement. It is however against the rules to claim bug abuse.
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TotalyMeow wrote: Claeyt's perspective of Salem and what it's about is very different from the devs and in many cases is completely the opposite of what we believe.
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Re: how to win salem

Postby JoanXena » Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:11 pm

Anyone else notice the only time Kindred opens zir mouth is when ze wants to try and **** on someone else to make zirself feel better about their shortcomings?
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