The Return of Tarp I: Controlling the Market

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Re: The Return of Tarp I: Controlling the Market

Postby Ronch » Sat Jun 23, 2018 8:54 pm

NeiroShop wrote:
Ronch wrote:Whyd you blind your neighbour? :o

Actually he did it to himself after I told him about crazy folks who practice Sun-gazing and even though he is blind from that, he still practices it at dusk and dawn everyday, lol.
...I can set my clock by his daily routines, and then is when I will try to switch out wives.

You'all think I am kidding ...all of it is true.
I swear on Dalane's failed hair-transplants, and a box of Zodd's depends adult-diapers :mrgreen:
Reviresco wrote:I log into this game and have fun.
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