The End Of Westpine

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Re: The End Of Westpine

Postby Goodman12 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:52 am

I for one thought you would never quit this game which is why it took me by such a surprise when I heard the news.
You are by far one of the most dedicated players to ever play this game and you are one of the few players in the game that I actually liked.
Good Luck in whatever you try to do in the future!
I personally don't really like Zodd but same goes for you.
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Re: The End Of Westpine

Postby battleslayer888 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:38 am

Claeyt wrote:The game needs a way for a town to go into 'Sleep Mode' where you can maybe cast a spell, or pay for something in the shop where your Town "goes to sleep" for a time, meaning your turkeys don't need feeding, your food doesn't rot and the town can't be raided or destroyed BUT ALSO the town can't be worked, entered, animals are frozen, crops can't be planted or any storage opened and maybe no active scented criminals can be living there. This would help those of us with actual jobs and lives from quitting the game so as to do real life stuff or something new.

Maybe 10-20 bucks a month so the daily grind can be avoided for a bit and players can take a vacation.

Also, Max is right. There needs to be end game adventures beyond Darkenbears, Whales and the Dreamworld. The Dreamworld needs development. I like his idea of maybe caves where only high level players can make the key to enter the cave with 3-10 people they are partied with. This works well in other huge MMO's

As for the Zodd vs JC argument over a slowed cap and nerf to titans (skills or biles). Titans have always been a huge problem in this game. No caps have meant that skill spammings, gluttony changes and other things that made life easier for the older players hurts the balance of the game for younger players trying to catch up. I remember legacy hummus. I remember legacy pies. Or water spots. There's been a ton of this dev attempts at balancing broken stuff over the life of the game. I remember JC arguing against changes to player gluttony (Jorbtar's hummus nerf) when he was just a player.

Clearly Westpine was able to spam and you had the time to get there. Jorbtar always fixed it by just wiping it all and they still do on HnH. JC's right in the basic concept of not wiping although a I still think a wipe due to JC being gone and letting Darwoth glutton with the new foods and new aprons for nearly a full year by himself was utterly game breaking. The clipping of Titans leads to arguments like Zodd's. Zodd's right. Why is JC clipping Westpine's skill spamming? I'd ask why he's not clipping Darwoth's year of animal gluttony? Does the game need hard caps and hard nerfs to legacy players or is JC just going to keep soft capping and making it harder for mid level players to catch up? We've reached a point where brick walls are seemingly getting torn through pretty quick and skill spamming is getting in the way of a balanced game. JC's right to seek balance of Titans but not identifying all the broken balance issues over the last year is wrong.

Maybe a wipe, a smaller map and hard caps are needed. It'd probably get some of the players back.

Ill be sure to buy one after leaving summonable scents
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