most annoying thing in saslem

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most annoying thing in saslem

a) rats in darkness
b) crows everywhere
c) darwoth's *****/complaining at forum
d) heffernan being successful
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Re: most annoying thing in saslem

Postby GigiBecali » Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:25 pm

Freedoom wrote:In my opinion, the most annoying thing in Salem is when you are moving a big amount of a particular item from your inventory to other place, like a building or the stall. For example, You can sell until 1000 items in the stall but I don't know a via for putting those items into the stall without moving them 1 per 1... then You have to do 1000 times the same moving (movement*) for putting all your 1000 items in the stall. At same time, you can't put X items automatically into a started building or a stockbin. Besides of that, in my opinion, it makes not sense to display menues when you are interacting with objects in world and when that menu has 1 only option. And... maybe... other thing quite annoying is that We can't use something like stockbins for storing thousands of hay, humus, fruit, turkey droppings, etc., some items which usually appears in tons and We need to use them daily and store them in some place for keeping a regular production of them.

Hold shift and alt then click to add all items to the building spot. For stall add 1 item then hold shift then use mousewheel down to add all the same items.
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