The Expedition of Father Jean

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The Expedition of Father Jean

Postby Father Latour » Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:01 am

Hello Salem. For those of you who don't know me, which is most of you, I am Father Jean Francis Latour. I played on Plymouth and Jamestown keeping my head down. I skipped Roanoke then came back two years ago for the expedition to Popham. Father Jean has now been dead twice as long as he was alive. I feel it is past time to tell his story.

Week One:
My first week in Popham was an exercise in relearning the game. I found a group of ~7 pilgrims to band together with and settled a half hour walk south by southwest of town. The group leader sprung for a store pack for some early iron/tools. I skilled up in farming and foraging. Somehow me and the group leader never log in at the same time. I get lucky and find a queen bee pretty early, so we rush beekeeping. One of the girls in the group gets her toon killed by a wandering Russian player.

Month One:
The girl who lost her toon decides not to make a new one in Popham. Most of the group gets discouraged and goes back to playing Providence. The first royal jelly is produced and is used to make giant crickets. I begin to explore in earnest and assemble maps of the server. I find out our settlement is uncomfortably close to Rustatorium. The location of the family statue is made public and I begin making regular pilgrimages there. I run into a town called "Beiber's Beaver Barn" which causes some confusion later. By the end of the month only one other pilgrim, Rustles, is still playing with me. A masked man assaults me on our claim, outside the wall. I do embarrassingly bad in the fight. The man agrees not to kill me in exchange for Rustle's Canoe. He keeps his word.

Month Two:
I continue to skill up as a jack of all trades, with a slight specialization in gardening. The witch quest is announced and I don't make it past the second clue. I find a pear tree while I'm looking though. I'm still not used to the gluttony system, so my humors lag behind. I grind field influence and purity, and save up money for a town bell. Rustles gives the town a stupid name. Rustles might be stupid. We buy pigs and goats. The goats are an endless source of frustration, but the pigs survive and multiply.

Month Three:
Activity on the server dies down. I determine that one of the statues is inside Rustatorium, and continue to hunt for the others. The idea that they might be arranged in a pentagram crosses my mind. Animals are patched to be sick less often, so I begin raising sheep. The sheep have a bad habit of killing each other, but they eventually reach a critical mass. My last goat dies of old age.

Month Four:
Grinding. I develop a gluttony method that works for me. I complete 90% of the skill tree. My toon gets white hair. I go to spreadsheet city on the game in real life. I buy goats but they're all male.

Month Five:
My maps are getting more fleshed out, but I still haven't found any sign of the other three statues. I decide I need to network more with the people left on the server. I start chatting with Tulgarath and Bjeber, who are both also white haired. We trade resources and rumors. My goats all die. I start raising cows.

Month Six:
JC removes PC claim protection for unpaid claims. Tulgarath and I go to town looting the countryside. I loot a cannon from one settlement, and use it to break into an inactive town. Tulgarath and I take it over as a second base. Tulgarath's daughter goes insane investigating the horror that was the town's abandoned barn. I commission Bjeber, the best tailor on the server, to make me some outfits with the gold I find. Tulgarath gives me the last clue of the witch quest, which I find the solution to. I share the location with him, but do not pursue witchcraft myself. Rustatorium goes inactive, so I take the Statue of Piety from them.

Month Seven:
Tulgarath unlocks Cannibalism. We are immediately struck by the skill's potential to make building a high power character easier. I cough up money for a memento mori so I can unlock it as well. We find the statue of sobriety. It's on an unclaimable island, and is basically useless, but its location reinforces my idea that the statues form a pentagram, with the sixth statue somewhere weird, like dreamland. I search fruitlessly where the fifth point would be. We discuss our options for how to go forward. Neither of us have any experience with witchcraft. Tulgarath mentions that Darwoth is joining the server and suggests we might work with him.

Month Eight:
I start hunting argopelters so I can make a better gluttony outfit and raise long pork easier. Rustles logs in less and less. Tulgarath and I throw caution to the wind and decide to support Darwoth. I give him a small loan of 15000 silver, some tools, and a bucket of corn oil. I also give him my maps, and tell him my plans for a pork free sausage factory. We agree that Darwoth will secure the end conditions for the server and leave it open while Tulgarath and I create our cannibalistic monstrosities. I reluctantly pass the Piety statue to Darwoth so he can secure it. Darwoth suspects that Bjebr works with one of our rivals. He doesn't tell me this, but asks me where Bjebr's town is. I give him the location of the long defunct "Beiber's Beaver Barn". Unbeknownst to me, the actual location of Bjebr's town lies just outside of the area I explored. In real life a planned visit to my family out of state arrives. I pay upkeep on all my claims, give my animals two weeks food, put my turkeys in sleep mode, and tell Tulgarath and Darwoth I'll be gone for a few days.

Final Days:
I'm away from my computer for the week, but I'm lurking the forums on my phone. A thread titled "the end is near" pops up, and in it Darwoth posts that he has created a T3 witch and visited five of the six statues. I'm anxious to get more information, but I decide to wait until I can get in game and ask him in chat.

The next day I install the client on my brother's computer. Download, update, log in, and I'm greeted with...
A blank screen with a HUD
First time loading the game, it has to download each asset before it will appear. Elements are loading one at a time. Enough appears for me to see I'm in town. Did I log out in town? I see Darwoth is logged in. I chat him for news. Darwoth says there's a spy. Someone's been Helping Alloin & crew. I need to check on my base, make sure things are okay. I start my teleport, ask Darwoth for more information. My character's disembodied white hair has loaded, but none of the rest of him. I arrive home, and hear the familiar click of a system message as I try to move.
My lean to is claimed over. A fence has been placed around it. I was too distracted by the news and getting the client going to think things through. I had logged out in bed. If I logged in in town it was because the bed had been destroyed.
Darwoth messaged me to clarify that I was the spy. Some things I had said didn't add up; I had tried to protect Bjebr, and I was collecting things in my base for making witch to rival his.
I was stunned, I didn't know what to say. I stammered out some half thought out pleas that he was making a mistake, but his toon was already there. A brief struggle. A scream. Character select screen.

Next time will be even better
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Re: The Expedition of Father Jean

Postby Darwoth » Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:46 am

twas the best of times, twas the worst of times.

this is all pretty much correct, this fellows map and silver was the primary assistance i had on popham that allowed me to wipe most of the enemy towns out in two weeks and is probably the only person in salem i have ever later wished i had not killed.

your timing and sporadic logins were what led to our suspecting you. for a few weeks each time we saw the "suspects" log in you would log off right before or log in right after they logged off, then the bjebr thing made it look like you were seeding misinformation, then we saw you log in a day or two after said you had left, again right after a logout of the other whitehair. this convinced us you passed the piety statue because you already had a witch that had tagged it and were then waiting for me to kill off everyone so that you could cinch it right at the end or that the final statue might have been in the middle of your town on that island, ends up that it wasn't but once you break stuff and piss on everyones shoes you cant fix it later if you are incorrect :lol:

let me know if you start playing providence and i will set you up.
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Re: The Expedition of Father Jean

Postby belgear » Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:08 am

Hopefully you had fun
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Re: The Expedition of Father Jean

Postby Reviresco » Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:25 am

...what happened to the pears?
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Re: The Expedition of Father Jean

Postby Dallane » Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:28 am

lol damn soudns awesome
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Re: The Expedition of Father Jean

Postby Father Latour » Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:50 am

Reviresco wrote:...what happened to the pears?

The pears ended up being almost as frustrating as the goats. I put a claim on the tree, put down a butterfly box, and tried to maintain a bee sleep there as well. I checked it every week on my way to the family statue. Died without ever seeing a single pear.

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Re: The Expedition of Father Jean

Postby lachlaan » Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:38 am

Month six, don't laugh at my dead animal Collection :( did that actually manage to kill someone?
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Re: The Expedition of Father Jean

Postby Bjebr » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:33 am

Fun story !

Never heard about "Beiber's Beaver Barn", I was completly playing solo and my character was really rarely outside the town and never explored popham (for time reason mostly and because I hit the 100% inheritance cap pretty fast which was my popham goal with tailoring)

My own town was something like "Bjebr's Beaver Quarter" . I understand why it can be confusing !
According to my PM , I told you my town position which was mostly public (appears to be very close to a statue and to the "cake" town) on the 4th January , you died 17 January , I died 18 January ^^

@Lachlaan : Yes , I think it's your haunted barn that killed "Tulgarath's daughter called "Kiki"" , before JC changed animals.

Expedition was (are ?) fun !


P.S.: My own character :
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Re: The Expedition of Father Jean

Postby joshnpk » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:16 am

Looking forward to giving the next expedition a try when ever it is it comes out. Missed the last one due to being busy irl, but story's like this are what makes it sound so awesome.
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Re: The Expedition of Father Jean

Postby Nektaris » Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:40 pm

The last sentences. Poetry.
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