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Re: how to win salem

Postby Judaism » Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:33 am

I honestly disagree at this point and that is mozt likely because he quit, now I am able to not ***** him and without Darwoth we would had been quite bored and less of a cause in the game. It is true that we had questionable mechanics and play styles used against us such as boundary stone colapses, tbc within a few hours after tea nukes, madness tactics such as dbears, utilize of lumberwoods as defenses, Trojan horses, Summonings out of combat, scentless cannons bloodmoons utilize and many more. That said, that was one of his strong sides, being able to think about those kind of things quick and finding ways to utilize them in-game. Otherwise a solo player would not be able to fight against multiple people. Whenever we had some attack against Darwoth, he almost always came out as victor, dipite being alone. He did do some amazing raids, endavours against us and inflicted more damage than anynone else and truly was the only thing holding us back from raiding\killing sprees.

All of this does barely include Jamestown, or the expedition servers where with the first he actually managed to wipe out the remaining competition by a nicely made up story, which was sufficient for us to ignore the required effort and time simply because the game had insufficient measurements and tracking tools to confirm any of it. It would be a huge time sink if you ontinue to play for many months, when the outcome had been decided already.

I had plenty of encounters against CG and the tribe, Darwoth didnt rely on bruteforce but still was very effectve, even if you remove all his questinabl mechanics and perhaps heads ups, he still would had been a force to reckon wit

Vaction in Autria typing everything on my phone has causd some typos and wrong senteces. CBA to fix em all.
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Re: how to win salem

Postby Dallane » Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:18 am

Kindred wrote: If you expect me to search through all of his posts on this forums for it though then that sounds like a job of a mod of said forum because i dont care enough.

Not my job to prove your own statement. It is however against the rules to claim bug abuse.
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Re: how to win salem

Postby JoanXena » Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:11 pm

Anyone else notice the only time Kindred opens zir mouth is when ze wants to try and **** on someone else to make zirself feel better about their shortcomings?
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Re: how to win salem

Postby vienradzis » Fri Nov 20, 2020 8:02 pm

Darwoth wrote:1>
you must play solo.

2> you must dominate entire servers against every faction in the game for several years across numerous servers and mechanics.

3> you must be the ultimate forum warrior.

4> you must call a corrupt developer on their ***** for a solid four years in private while they lie through their teeth about it.

5> once they make up so many lies they cant remember them and you are tired of being told your full of **** you expose the corruption getting their panties in a wad.

6> have said developer(s) massively cheat by spawning **** for themselves and constantly changing the mechanics to suit them for the second time in as many expeditions so that a member of their original and highly incompetent plymouth group can "win" only to derail said win because they just suck at their own game. literally nobody played on plymouth once jamestown and roanoke released but them. it was not until providence under the leadership of paymaster paul who was also driven off by marps ***** that the tribe became a competent pvp group.

7> wait a few weeks for said developer to throw a temper tantrum in public even making his own thread trying to get under your skin by ***** with your vendors (again) doing all the things he directly denied having the ability to do thus once again proving everything you have been saying was correct and that he is a lieing turd.

8> laugh while bouncing your balls off of his face for a few pages because you really just dont give a **** and stopped playing other than forced maintenance eons ago.

9> log on to feed the few animals you have left and notice you are banned on all of your accounts then check server status to make sure it is not crashed and notice that the mystic number of supreme greatness is once again present which reminds you of a few accounts that had not been used in years that were still in the town.

10> trash 50ish million worth of **** (seriously at least that much by now. back in the day when on better terms jc/chief would occasionally pop in to chat and laugh how i had about 50% of the store items on the server. that was a long time ago and since i usually target other raiders that always have a massive amount themselves that ratio would have been much higher. for example those green legacy masks from way back i had over 200 of. thats why you rarely saw them anymore, had something like 38 of the 50 dollar store instruments alone, about 5k steel, 30 - 35 gold items, 800ish distillers i never used once since i dont bot, 8 dressers completely filled with looted combat sets etc. all raided/looted.) with dozens of server unique rares because said developer is a moron and could not even get that cheeseball attempt right thus keeping any of it from his group of discord slurplords and not allowing him/them the satisfaction :lol: :lol:

11> quit. uninstall.

12> go back to playing online chess after a quick stop by the forums to talk ****.

so as usual, i won the game again.


after taking the liberty of quietly obliterating any/everything of value i took it upon myself to do everyone one more favor and make one final forum prediction (which, as you all know by now pretty much always come true) before i abandon you clownshoes to talking to yourselves about how much i suck like the other threads. as such i set up my idols of idolatry, raised my palms to the sky, rolled my eyes into the back of my head, spoke in tongues and channelled my otherworldly intuition and randomly tossed a few "bundles of sticks" (aka "****", right marp?) onto the embers of my still cozily smoldering town and then as the lovely scent of smoldering juniper branches filled the air around me i peered into the spiraling wisps of smoke to scry the future with regard to salem and its potential for success for those 20 or so of you still playing. as you can see by looking at the sticks on the ground. it looks quite bleak indeed.

for the sake of nostalgia and my personal amusement i chose to use the exact same log filled with turkey **** that was stuck in marps (tylan) original town plot when he was an irrelevant carebear that was never in the pvp groups or out tracking and headhunting targets with the likes of myself, binks, honeybadger, mikus or pmp and added my thoughts to the ones delivered by pmp at the time of his exit. it even has the exact same four year old turkey turds that pmp put in it! (old tribe joke for when they would have a lieing douche they kicked out) after marp backstabbed all of them, lied about it for days. and caused 15+ of the better and more interesting players to quit the game the same week he got dev powers years ago, (same time he killed several big name russian players and one of my characters on a dev created character with over 3x its stats, which i then killed a few weeks later using the at the time new t1 witch mechanics. then summoning nerfed to los only )

anyhow thats all folks. feel free to waste a few days of your lives "raiding" whatever ***** "bases" i have left standing and pat yourselves on the back pretending like you did something the way you did for months on end when you got your characters killed 22 times to 0 attacking unprotected borderstones :lol: . they were emptied of valuables and consolidated to the primary one quite some time ago in anticipation of exactly this sort of behavior after the "developers" failed to cheat their way to victory again a second time and get brona/cottonmather a statue when i happily stepped aside for old (legit) rivals instead of prolonging it so they could spawn more **** for themselves to make another (fourth? fifth?) come back. same guy that got pwnt by methuzelah 1v1 and lost his golden halberd (sorry meth, was running around town throughout the day with the last of the five i had kept looking for you, but no deal so eventually just tossed it in the water)

for that matter feel free to delete my two statues as well if you need something else to masturbate over marp. i wont be back and i have less than zero interest in being associated with this ***** at this stage of its devolvement. have wanted to uninstall for quite some time as it stopped being a pvp game pretty much the day the dev teams switched and has just gotten steadily worse with every patch but the thought of allowing retards to think they ran me off the server was simply unacceptable so i kept the bells paid and turkeys fed. now thankfully i dont need to do that nonsense anymore and can do something more productive like pick a booger out of my nose instead.

i picked the game up at launch and have played solo this entire time with virtually no help for 85% of it other than from a handful of scouts and helpers like reviresco and quiressa later on aside from the first few months of providence when i was allied with pmp's group. the remainder of the time on every server including this one it has been me alone vs entire throngs of you derps and you could never do **** until you sucked up to a corrupt developer who used to port into my town when i was offline and throw random sheds of my **** on the ground everytime he got his panties in a wad, used to **** claim my towns, siege them, turn the animal flag off in town when he saw one of my raiders in the stocks helping kill several of them, ported enemy factions around the map to save them hours of travel time, restored numerous characters of enemy factions, basically begged you retards to attack me for years at his weekend events before they stopped being held due to the embarassment of ten people showing up + gave tens of millions in upgrades for free.

even then with your 20 vs me numbers, rampant bot useage, custom cheat clients and so on you still couldnt do jack **** against me. then he ***** with the vendors and makes a total clown of himself so he bans me. and even now when i am banned you still get nothing :lol: :lol: :lol: .

i could not have written a better way to close out the game if i had tried, it is pretty damn great.

anyhow was a fun run, onto something else now. the handful of you left that are worth a nod know who you are. to the newbs sorry you never got to play the real game. this one aint it. i suggest trying out haven, i heard it has improved a good deal and while they are also a community full of retards at least its not slobbering retards, likewise jorbtard at least kept the ***** to a minimum when i played that game and when they ran salem. the rest of you can go chew some gravel until your eyes bleed or something, you are probably to retarded to realize it is not gum anyway.

Accidently came here. And i am not even banned anymore. After reading this im happy that i was first to be banned from this ***** after making this post

Anyways i logged in just to say. You were only one outside TRIBE who wasnt ****. And i still respect you.

And as in understand in end you really won because after you left, chief peepookaka abandoned games development.

edit: btw i got my refund
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Re: how to win salem

Postby Goodman12 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 2:46 am

vienradzis wrote:And as in understand in end you really won because after you left, chief peepookaka abandoned games development.

JC had already been inactive for months before Darwoth left the game.
There were periods in the past where JC disappeared for months at a time prior to Darwoth quitting aswell

vienradzis wrote:Accidently came here. And i am not even banned anymore. After reading this im happy that i was first to be banned from this ***** after making this post


Anyways i logged in just to say. You were only one outside TRIBE who wasnt ****. And i still respect you.

Interesting, you got banned after standing up to dev abuse yet you're embracing a guy who has undoubtedly abused his friendship with JC to gain a competitive advantage through inside knowledge (and likely actually influenced the change in certain mechanics) for years upon years.
I also felt sympathy for Darwoth, but that didn't last long. He got less than what he deserved.
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Re: how to win salem

Postby Strakknuva225 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:41 am

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