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Re: Salem 2018 Roadmap

Postby TheDuke86 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 4:24 am

Dallane wrote:
BallHog wrote:
Dallane wrote:You don't just stop playing salem or hnh. These types of games stick on you and you don't just walk away.

Um, so where is JC?

He will show up again at some point.

Our lord god John Carver always dose!
WWJCD; What Would John Carver Do!
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Re: Salem 2018 Roadmap

Postby Champie » Sat Nov 03, 2018 4:37 am

Dallane wrote:Ok I'm going to make a general blanket statement as a warning for everyone. The vast majority of recent posts on this forum has been people gang banging zod/max because they made a choice to quit the game and remove the wealth that they had earned playing it. It's fine if you you don't like how they went out. They made a choice to quit and deleting it all might of been the only way they could finally let go. That doesn't mean they need to stop posting here. That's insane. Everyone who is here right now has been around for years and still love the game despite the current situation. You don't just stop playing salem or hnh. These types of games stick on you and you don't just walk away. They have a right to be part of this community no matter how angry you are for no reason. If I see any of the rage quit/salt/retarded posting from either side I'm going to just straight up ban you. Too many threads have been derailed over this to the point where it leaked into the Help section. I really hope you guys are aware that the LFG post you decided to derail more than likely resulted in someone walking away from the game. Enough of it. Thanks.

I swear it's creepy reading reasonable posts and moderation by Dallane. I once called him "the most ungracious forum dweller in Salem", but that no longer seems to be true.

Anyway, here's to "Salem 2019 Roadmap"
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