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1.4 Craving some Changes

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:37 am
by JohnCarver

It has been too long, and for that I can only apologize. This patch does represent a few larger changes to the system all designed to give a bit more direction and small micro-goals in what is otherwise a very open sandbox. These systems were meant to not distract from the normal gameplay but to offer a nice suggestion on perhaps some items, tasks, or challenges that you may not have dabbled with in the recent past.

As for technical stuff, We ripped the code base down on an incredible level to accomodate these systems and several others that were revolving around the expedition. So much so that we found in post-development it was difficult to put it all back together in any meaningful timeframe. Leaving the code as a 'work in progress' prohibited us from making small changes without running risks of diverging code branches in ways we were no longer confident we could keep a firm handle on. The hope is that with the major systems implemented, we can get into at least some sort of groove to supply smaller content updates again.

The server has been backed up, and I cannot promise that this next 1-2 weeks wont' be a little bumpy as its entirely possible things may not have been put back together in perfect order. By this, I mean that if I find some major loopholes, flaws, or gamebreaking activity that threatens the general stability of our persistant world then a roll-back may be inevitable. I will try to compensate accordingly in the event that this happens but this is fair warning that it has been no small task to bring us back into this state and my confidence is waivering that we will navigate without issue.

Major New System Cravings:
Over time players will begin craving a food. When a craving strikes a small dropdown near your gluttony forks will appear with an image of the food that you crave to eat. Players may choose to ignore cravings without penalty. However, if you choose to eat a piece of food which shares the same food group as what you crave then you will instantly gain a single humor point in a random humour. If you choose to eat the exact food that you crave, then you will instead gain 1 to EACH humour. As players advance in the world of Salem they will find that not only does their pallette begin to diversify on the types of foods that they begin to crave, but also that the time between cravings extends as well. This system is not intended as a replacement for the existing gluttony system, but it is our hopes that these small meaningful mini-goals can both assist a new player in providing some direction while also providing a nice supplement and alternate way of advancement to seasoned veterans as well.

I have not disabled the 'older' clients who don't accomodate this fix to crash and/or not work. However, you will not be able to partake in cravings until your client is either fixed or you use the default one.

Major New System:
Trade Orders: His Majesty has recently had a need for some obscure items more commonly found in the new world. Being the master of supply and demand that he is he has decided to task the collection of these items on Salemites and promises unlimited power, neverending wealth, and plenty of luck to all who assist him. The first 10 tasks given will yield small amounts of silver and will be a test to insure that he is only working with the most dedicated of the bunch. Once a player completes the entry tasks then a Trade Order from his Majesty is then randomized ranging in both difficulty and scaled appropriately by how many Majesty IOU's a player may get. Trade orders can be traded amongst each other, may be filled with items and turned in by any player, and can be pulled down twice a day regardless of if you have completed the last one. His Majesty stall will begin filling with rewards but any items found on his stall may only be redeemable via the IOU's generated through this system.

Major New System:
Salvaging: No longer must you break your back tearing things down. Why not keep some of those materials? Salvaging allows you to break objects that wouldn't otherwise be criminal for a chance at a return of roughly half of the original materials used to construct the object. Happy scavenging and base redevelopment. NOTE: You should not be able to salvage what would otherwise leave a criminal scent by being destroyed. That said, by attempting to salvage an active bell that is under the effect of a trial by fire, it will leave a waste scent and then deny your salvage attempt. This should be fixed in future patches, but for now, attempt to salvage ANY claimed property at your own risk.

*New Exploration Event: A traveling merchant who frequently herds animals for Darwoth accross great distances has mysteriously disappeared, as such small packs of baby animals can be occasionally found in an autumnal forest.
*New Clothing Item: Guise of the FurFur
*New Inspirational: Prince Ruperts Drop.
*New Structure: Countryside Cupboard Unlocked with Rustic Furniture.
*New Item: Egg Basket
*Wingarangs now behave more like Footballs.
*Stratified Layer now takes any bone instead of bones.
*Rotten Fruits now weigh slightly less than they did when they were not rotten.
*Players may no longer carry things on mounts.
*Big Game has developed an immunity to rattler poison.
*Monsters have developed an immunity to rattler and Quetzalcoatl poison.
*Marp now has a god command to reset the best seller list.

Mini Update #1
*Pushed a fix which should resolve the Marp Birthday Hat Bug. We will have to see.
*Fixed and issue where you could repeat 1 of the 10 starter trade order quests. This resulted in free 2-5 silver per turn-in every 5 minutes so mild in nature but closed all the same.
*Salvage speed was still on test-server setting. Slow-down applied. May still be too fast, may be too slow. Open to feedback.

Mini Update #2
*Materials on secondary cornerposts adjusted up so that they are always more than 50% of an original cornerpost.

Mini Update #3
Exploration Events should spawn more frequently than they have been in areas densly populated by objects.
Bile drain while standing on an enemy claim has been signficantly reduced. To approximately 1/3rd as point out for the first time on these forums here: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=19964
Vampire Trade Order no longer gives a Trade Order IOU.
King Charles Cape now displays correct tooltip as a loyalty reward.
Fixed issue that allowed wingarangs to be thrown without the appropriate skill.
Indian Cotton Balls may now be used in crafting.
Players may now correctly craft Flag of the Ming Dynasty.
New Variable Clothing Recipe added.
Popham Whip has been fixed for real this time.
Improved Functionality to the Egg Basket
Golden Rewards for 2017 have been added and will be distributed shortly after restart

Mini Update #4
Mermaid IOU adjusted down from 6 to 5.
Turkey Hearts now Accept into Trade Orders.
Backpacks now Accept into Trade Orders
Curious Cabbage now accepts into trade orders.
Smooth Stones now weigh slightly more than regulard stones.
Chestnuts and Smooth stones no longer appear in stumps.
Mushrooms now appear in stumps.
Fireplaces now heat up twice as fast.

Mini Update #5
Players may no longer lift objects while mounted.
Players may once again destroy claimstones that are out of authority.
The server select screen on the tutorial no longer encourages popham as an option and states its winner on the tooltip.
Alchemy robes is now accepted in Trade Orders
Rattle Rattler is now accepted in Trade Orders
Grass Whistle is now accepted in Trade Orders
Rock Maracas is now accepted in Trade Orders
Alchemy hat is now accepted in Trade Orders.

Mini Update #6
Executioners Whip now whips twice again.
Starburst Rubellite is now accepted in Trade Orders.

Mini Update #7
Trade Orders now require a minimal amount of playtime in an interval relating to the 12 hour cooldown. This should discourage alt-spam for trade orders.
His Majesty stall has had additional stall rewards added.
Special Note. The Masonic Necklace system is something that we plan to expand on in the near future. Marp is still refining graphics, and I can assure Salmites that they will be interested in climbing the ranks. Since I don't anticipate the next patch until the 1st week of December at the soonest I felt it reasonable that we at least let you begin advancing down that path sooner than later.
Also, it is not a bug that if you fail to upgrade your status you lose the necklace and all progress thus far. Contemplate your upgrades carefully.

Re: 1.4 Craving some Changes

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:46 am
by DarkNacht
Hey cool a patch

Re: 1.4 Craving some Changes

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:50 am
by JohnCarver
Sup Darknacht!
Good to see you.

Re: 1.4 Craving some Changes

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:52 am
by nosfirebird
great update thank you can we get the black friday sale this year again or are you going to be 2 busy jc?

Re: 1.4 Craving some Changes

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:57 am
by roweanmcroy
I am so glad to see this and very glad that despite persistent player whining and ***** about the lack of updates you have not become disheartened and I am looking forward to it bugs, and potential rollbacks and all.

Re: 1.4 Craving some Changes

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:58 am
by TheDuke86
ALL WITNESS THE GREATNESS OF MY LORD AND SAVIOUR!!! Lord thank you for these gifts! WE ARE NOT WORTHY! The Church of John Carver will make you proud!.

Also, dose this mean people other than darwoth can get animals now!?

Re: 1.4 Craving some Changes

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:00 am
by belgear
Time to run around

Re: 1.4 Craving some Changes

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:00 am
by nosfirebird
TheDuke86 wrote:ALL WITNESS THE GREATNESS OF MY LORD AND SAVIOUR!!! Lord thank you for these gifts! WE ARE NOT WORTHY! The Church of John Carver will make you proud!.

Also, dose this mean people other than darwoth can get animals now!?


Re: 1.4 Craving some Changes

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:01 am
by Entala
Thanks for patch, looking forward to new adventure 8-)

Re: 1.4 Craving some Changes

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:04 am
by Sebthegrand