Expedition 2 - <Name Pending>

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Re: Expedition 2 - <Name Pending>

Postby KruskDaMangled » Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:28 pm

I'd like to think that I speak for most (and hopefully all) of us in saying that coin has no value here.

I mean, I really hope so.
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Re: Expedition 2 - <Name Pending>

Postby Ciego » Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:52 pm

Archibald wrote:Does anyone still remember John Carver?
He used to organize expeditions, then he took an arrow in the knee

One little arrow, between two knees? How much damage can that REALLY do?

Wish list: I'd like to see a tiered ARC. First level doable. Second and third levels "challenging". If we don't get 3-level ARC done, your favorite daughters, the witches, win. But getting 1st and/or 2nd levels ARC done, gives some pro-rated advantage to the participants.

With a modification to the ARC-BUILDING procedure: If a material category is "full", then LVL-1 ARC adding 100 MORE of that item (after it is "full"), will cause ONE RANDOM ITEM to be added to ONE RANDOM "not-full" category. (LVL-2 is 500, LVL-3 is 1000). That way, even through you can grudgingly argue that it might give some hermit somewhere hope, it will ALSO greatly stimulate incentive to work on the levels of ARC.

A SMALL map stimulates PVP, helps the witches, runs everyone else off. A LARGE map gives the hermits/farmers hope, and attracts them to be fodder for your witches.

That's MY 1.38 cents-worth (although under a new president, I look forward to my opinion SOON being worth MUCH MORE).
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Re: Expedition 2 - <Name Pending>

Postby KruskDaMangled » Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:27 am

I was thinking more commitment to the "Deer or Rabbits" game theory type thing.

People CAN elect to work together on a mega-project and get more stuff, but this is risky as someone or a lot of someones might defect or free ride.

You can also get the sweet rewards, less, but "safe if someone doesn't kick your head in so you don't get any" by going for the rabbit strategy.

Collaborating gets more for everyone, not collaborating is safer, but less bountiful. Well, as safe as it's going to get. The original thought experiment does not account for the savagery of other actors wanting your Stuff or just wanting to watch the World Burn.

Possibly allow the winner to get morer of Things, or you could just say "you win by denying other Pilgrims success in their penny ante endeavor and being the folks who take back most or the only stuff".

I feel that this should be hard, but doable if you have more orneryness and strategy behind you, so if you want to spend a lot of your time kicking some hated enemy faction or player in the teeth so they don't get any, well fine.

But it would be much harder to fight everyone at once unless they basically let you cut their throats.
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Re: Expedition 2 - <Name Pending>

Postby BoxOfHats » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:35 pm

Any day now...
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