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Popham Winnings

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:27 am
by JohnCarver
The Winner of Popham is:


Justice Leaderboard:
Darwoth Justice 1 = 25,000 Points
Darwoth Justice 2 = 25,000 Points
Darwoth Justice 3 = 25,000 Points
Darwoth Justice 4 = 25,000 Points
Darwoth Justice 5 = 25,000 Points
Darwoth Justice 6 = 25,000 Points
Darwoth Justice 7 = 25,000 Points
Darwoth Justice 8 = 25,000 Points
Darwoth Justice 9 = 25,000 Points
Darwoth Justice 10 = 25,000 Points

Executioner Leaderboard:
1. Darwoth Combat 2 = 6876
2. Darwoth Combat 2 = 6512
3. Darwoth Combat 2 = 6443
4. Darwoth Combat 2 = 5618
5. Darwoth Combat 2 = 5203
6. Darwoth Combat 2 = 4321
7. Darwoth Combat 2 = 4290
8. Darwoth Combat 2 = 4022
9. Darwoth Combat 2 = 3902
10. Darwoth Combat 2 = 3826

Town Leaderboard:
1. Darwoth Cove = 11,460
2. Darwoth's Orachard of Ownage = 11,460
3. The Church of Darwoth = 9,570
4. The Shrine of Darwoth = 9,030
5. Darwoth Peak = 9,030
6. The Omen of Darwoth = 9,030
7. Darwoth Creek = 8,760
8. Fort Darwoth = 8,760
9. The Temple of Darwoth = 8,310
10. The Cathedral of Darwoth = 8,130.

Book Leaderboard:
1. How Darwoth Kicked Judaism off Popham
2. FLAWLESS VICTORY: Darwoth vs the Kzerg
3. How Darwoth owned Alloin on every server
4. Darwoth vs Terrorism: the end of Godtuwn
5. The Laws of Darwoth
6. SOUL GIANT - How Darwoth ate Popham
7. Darwoth is so great Volume 10
8. Darwoth is so great Volume 5
9. Darwoth is so great Volume 9
10. Darwoth vs Russia: Capitalist Curbstomp
11. Darwoth is so great Volume 7.
12. The titan army of Darwoth
13. Darwoth is so great Volume 4
14. Darwoth is so Great Volume 6
15. Darwoth: A true tale of superiority.
16. The Darwothian Index of Newbs
17. Darwoth is so great volume 2
18. Darwoth is so great Volume 3
19. The Bible of King Darwoth
20. Darwoth is so great Volume 1

Gluttony Leaderboard:
1. Darwoth Warlock = 69,811
2. Darwoth Warlock = 68,248
3. Darwoth Warlock = 66,980
4. Darwoth Warlock = 64,362
5. Darwoth Warlock = 62,931
6. Darwoth Warlock = 61,444
7. Darwoth Warlock = 60,723
8. Darwoth Warlock = 57,987
9. Darwoth Warlock = 56,213
10. Darwoth Warlock = 54,175

Time Leaderboard:
1. Jack of Clubs (Dopefly)
2. Expedition 1 (Darwoth)
3. Darwoth Timer 1
4. Darwoth Timer 4
5. Darwoth Timer 5
6. Darwoth Timer 6
7. Darwoth Timer 7
8. Darwoth Timer 8
9. Darwoth Timer 2
10. Darwoth Timer 3

Fishing Leaderboard:
1. Darwoth Combat 3 = 3585
2. Darwoth Combat 3 = 3585
3. Darwoth Combat 3 = 3430
4. Darwoth Combat 3 = 3429
5. Darwoth Combat 3 = 3427
6. Darwoth Combat 3 = 3384
7. Darwoth Combat 3 = 3343
8. Darwoth Combat 3 = 3280
9. Darwoth Combat 3 = 3279
10. Darwoth Combat 3 = 3269

*UPDATE* Characters who died on Popham will be able to inherit to Providence as of RIGHT NOW. This will remain in effect for an undisclosed amount of time but once the new expedition launches this will most likely not be the case anymore. If you want to inherit your dead Popham character on Providence it is encouraged you do so as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the stats you get will be dependent on the same variables like Last Will, Undertaker, and # of times prayed to the Inheritance Statue on Popham.

Greetings Salemites,
As we pass over the 6 month mark for Popham we decided that it would be a nice thing if we generally try to influence the server to a conclusion or at a minimum increase the incentive to end it. It also seemed reasonable to have a nice Sticky Thread for Popham related activities, rules, and maybe even future events etc. etc.

How To Win Popham
To "Win" Popham, you must be the first Witch to ascend to Tier 3, and then pray to all 6 statues located throughout the map of Popham.

What do I win
The winner of Popham will receive:
1) $250.00 of Store Credit.
2) A statue of their character on Providence with their name for all future generations of Salemites to see and worship.
3) Their witch who ends the server back on Providence alive and safe.
4) A handful of their favorite treasures, animals or other nice things collected on Popham teleported to a base on Providence of their choosing.

Are there secondary winners or something for somebody other than the witch who ends it?
Yes, yes there is! Each member of the top 10 boards, for each leaderboard, will indeed win something special as well as have their names erected in a Salem Hall of Fame in either a thread here on the forums or possibly sometime you can read on the statue of the winner itself. I will make the details of these prizes made more clear as we determine them. To be clear. These are unique Popham-Won-only legacy items that will be available to their characters on Providence.

#1: Justice Leaderboard: Whip of Popham (Whip can be used an additional time at the Stocks).
#2: Scalp Leaderboard: Popham Masque (2-Slot Masque)
#3: Town Leaderboard: Unique Popham Flag for Flagpoles (Cosmetic)
#4: Book Leaderboard: Popham Quill (Cosmetic)
#5: Gluttony Leaderboard: Popham Chef Apron (Helps Gluttony)
#6: Time Leaderboard: Pocketwatch of Popham
#7: Fishing Leaderboard: Popham Pike

What is the Ark
The Ark is a player-event in the main city of Popham. In the event the citizens of Popham complete it prior to a Witch ending the server then the player base @ large will be able to send Animals home to Providence.

What Mechanics are Different on Popham?
1) Players may raise Animals including Pigs, Goats, Sheep & Cows.
2) Players may use new industries revolving around said animals like Cheese & Meat Grinders.
3) Players may build Cannons for quicker entry to fortified bases.
4) Inactive Claims do not count as crimes when attacked.
5) Players may cannibalize each other for stat gain.
6) Players may pray to statues for accelerated character progression in various ways.

Re: Popham Winnings

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 6:31 am
by belgear
I never ate anyone
I need to remember to try that

Re: Popham Winnings

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:40 am
by Bjebr
Nice to see that Popham will have a little more love :)

if we can make suggestion on "future events" , i would like you to give us some nice stats from Popham. Just like those , with maybe a few witchery stat too : how many witches ? , how many witches Rank 2 ? , How many witches rank 3 ? , How many "witch rare drop already found" ? , How many players have prayed to every statue (not only witches) ...
In fact nowadays we don't know at all if witches are close to win the server or very far .

@Belgear : I didn't try either , but someone told me it could be really nice vs strong opponents !


Re: Popham Winnings

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:44 am
by Judaism
Mr Belgear should read the skype logs more often, I recall several cases mentioned in there months ago. However, trying it yourself is always different I guess.

Re: Popham Winnings

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:54 am
by jcwilk
Bjebr wrote:In fact nowadays we don't know at all

+1, some way to get an indicator on this, even if it somehow had a very high cost, or was rarely available, or high risk, or something like that would be very welcome. Only indicator either way I've seen is a blood moon a couple weeks ago or so which seems to imply there's at least -someone- doing some decently witchy things out there, lol, but that's a little vague I think.

Re: Popham Winnings

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:27 am
by Taipion

There should be a similar price for the top-arc-contributor, you seem to lately favour witches a little too much above the faithful pilgrim.

Re: Popham Winnings

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:56 am
by Judaism
Are you out of your mind, carebear. The ark is some retarded thing for the carebears, which on this rate never will be finished anyway. It should not be taken proudly, just like the 2nd place is for losers.

Re: Popham Winnings

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:12 am
by jcwilk
Taipion wrote:@JC:

There should be a similar price for the top-arc-contributor, you seem to lately favour witches a little too much above the faithful pilgrim.

I got the impression that they were trying to push the ark as a sort of sandbox catalyst of sorts (for lack of a better term)... ie, no direct reward will go to contributors that won't go to nearly everyone else so it's up to the community to ad-hoc organize themselves and incentivize each other to achieve the goal.

However, I really wish there was at least a way to get a list of contributions, otherwise you'd have to take people at their word or do some extremely tedious timestamped screenshot nonsense that would probably be more work to organize than it would be to just make the damn boards yourself.

Anyways, building the ark is a nice sounding goal but in reality there's no draw to accelerating the close of the expedition unless you're going the witch route since you get to carry over your characters and can accelerate their growth in ways you can't in Providence but only with periodic prayers so if the ark gets finished too soon you lose out on that opportunity xD

It seems like it has some fundamental flaws to it but the devs stated that they wanted to make it as Salem-y as possible to start out and learn from the experience before getting more adventurous with the next one, so we'll see where it goes next time... Until then, probably up to the witches :P

Re: Popham Winnings

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:31 pm
by Nektaris
Those prizes are so good :o

But what about the players defending the statues?

Re: Popham Winnings

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:01 pm
by Judaism
Everyone aparently expects there to be several "winners" and other titles for not even winning.