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Postby Silent_Bob » Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:40 am

Lusewing wrote:While I will admit to being far too friendly and mostly enjoying the farming and crafting sides of Salem I would be one of the first to quit if this game ever became all love, cuddles and sunshine. The raiders scare the hell out of me and I am always in a state of worry for both myself and my friends - but I would not have it any other way because that is what makes this game so wonderful.The town we are hoping to make will be for those who want to work and want to fight. A place where players can learn how to glutton (as well as trade what they have foraged or made, for better foods), farm, mine and fight. We dont intend to teach new players to be little farmers who feel safe to play a Harvist moon MMO - that would not help them in the long run and would in no way help us.

This however is in the future and it is never wise to count your geese before they hatch.

As part of this particular village, I approve this message. We all have our ways of making Salem interesting, and this particular goal is the most interesting to me at the moment. The fun of it, in part, comes from trying to outwit potential troublemakers and think ahead of them. Who wants to play Salem if all you do is play it safe, after all ;)? That being said, I think Salem should be a game where players can play in peace so long as they're willing to take the proper precautions or join a village that's taking the proper precautions. It shouldn't be easy to achieve those precautions, however: it wouldn't be fun if it was just handed to you.
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