Stocking up on Tears

Announcements of major changes to Salem.

Stocking up on Tears

Postby JohnCarver » Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:46 pm

Greetings Salemites!

It's finally time for your December patch. In addition to a drastic rework of the Raiding mechanics, we've added a few nice new systems. You're getting the Hydration system you've been asking for. We also added a few diseases, and rats to spread them, a few more Witchcraft things, numerous new inspirationals, the art contest winning art, and other miscellaneous bits and baubles.

New Mechanic: Hydration

Players will now make a sound effect and perform an animation while drinking.
Drinking will now cause a player to become Quaffed & Quenched.
Players may now craft a Bark Cup and a Flask.
Players may now make Green Tea, Yellow Tea, White Tea, and Black Tea.
Players may now make Berry Juice, which prevents airborne diseases.

New Mechanic: Disease

There are now 4 new Diseases in Salem.
There are now Rats in Salem which may spread any one of these diseases.
Coming into close contact with an infected player may also spread disease if one of the players is infected.
Wearing a Plague Doctor's Masque will mitigate the chances of catching a disease.
A tooltip has been added to the Plague Doctor's Masque.
Leeches now drain a player's Blood and have a chance to kill Maroon Fever each time they do.
Players may now make Willowbark Tonic to cure Big Pox.
Players may make Columbine Paste to cure Frontier Flux.
Players may now cure Land Legs with new Smelling Salts.

Birch Bark gathering has been renamed to Bark Gathering.
Players may now peel bark from a Willow Tree.

New Additions to Witchcraft

Players dabbling in the Dark Arts will now see their humors drain in the Light.
Witches may now longer curse while mounted on things.
New skill: Harvest Hexing
Witches may now make Hydrukey Patties, Limebone, Flying Dross Monster, Tearful Roses, and Rat Teams.
Wiches may now cast Hex of Burden, Hex of Wilting, Hex of Stasis and Hex of Diminishment.
Witches may now make Rat Swatches, Rat Cloth and Rat Capes.

Witches have been found leaving pentagrams on the Island of Nod.
Players may now officially gather tears in-game. Tears are used in Witchcraft.

Changes to Raiding

Many of the changes to the Raiding System were outlined here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11665 and most of this post is still accurate.


New skill Arson allows you to make new item Greek Fire. Greek Fire can be used to light structures on fire. Buildings thus set on fire can take several days to burn down.
Contrary to the previous post, we've decided that Arson can be started when buildings are still at 100% health, there will be no need to get them down to 25% first. But there will still be an advantage to doing so as burning a full health building down takes a very long time.
Buildings on fire must be doused with water to be put out.

Inactive Raiding

Inactive raiding will no longer be a thing. Claims without silver will still be active in that you will commit crimes when assaulting them. The only difference is that if you make it to the Claimstone, you can now destroy it if it is out of silver. Thus allowing you to take over the base or destroy/loot the remainder of it without crimes.

Alt Vaulting

Alt Vaulting will no longer be a thing. Offline players my now be looted from their Homesteads. Players who's leantos or claimstones are destroyed while they are offline will now drop all their items on the ground at the location of the homestead. Trying to log out without a leanto will cause the character to persist in the world. If your leanto or claimstone is destroyed while you are online, you will receive a notification.

Active Defense

When it comes to active defense, repair rates and materials and building HP are changing dramatically.
HP of all fence types but Makeshift have increased significantly.
All houses, Churches, Windmills, Ore Smelters, Stamp Mills, Meat Smokers, Kilns, Bread Ovens, and Oil Presses now have less HP, but become significantly harder to destroy the lower their health gets.
Pilgrim's Hovels still require Fresh Board to repair, but now require more of them.
Farmer's House's now require Hay to repair and cost 8 Hay to repair to full.
Townhouses now require 16 Dry Boards to repair to full.
Brickhouses now require 75 Bricks to repair to full.
Churches now require 400 Stones to repair to full.
Windmills now require 10 Cotton Cloth to repair to full.
Ore Smelters now require 2 Iron Bars to repair to full.
Stamp Mills now require 2 Iron Bars to repair to full.
Meat Smokers now require 20 Bricks to repair to full.
Kilns now require 20 Bricks to repair to full.
Bread Ovens now require 40 Bricks to repair to full.
Oil Presses now require 4 Dry Boards to repair to full.
Repairing a wall now has a sound effect and an animation and takes longer for each material to be built into it.


Braziers have changed dramatically. We've gone back to the system in which more braizers in range equals more damage done by the braziers. Braziers can, and indeed should, now be built in range of each other.
Individual braziers now do considerably less damage but will critical hit far more often. Raiders may now be critical hit multiple times in a row. Crits now deal damage as a percentage of remaining humors, not total humors.
Braziers will no longer do permanent Humor damage.
Braziers will now hold up to 40 pieces of coal and can fire 1000 times before running out of fuel. You may inspect your braizers to see their fuel level and their Aether values.
Aether of a brazier can now be increased with Unscathed Wood. Unscathed Wood takes on the purity of the Tree that was used to make the Coal Clamp the Unscathed Wood was created in. Adding Unscathed Wood to a Brazier as fuel will cause the purity of the brazier to move towards that of the Wood. Unscathed Wood will count as Fuel, but you can still add them even if your Brazier is full.
Torchposts now do 50% the damage a Brazier does. Braziers and Torchposts no longer share damage calculations with each other, so they can both be used as separate defense systems.
Empty Braziers and Torchposts no longer factor in to damage calculations, so building empty ones off-claim will not weaken on-claim defenses.
Braziers now make a sound effect when being filled with coal.
Braziers are now disabled by dousing them with water when they are activated.
Braziers can now be repaired to full with a single iron bar.


Raiding with High Humor characters has been rebalanced. Players will gain no additional benefit to damaging an object once they have achieved approximately double the soak of their target. So, if the target has 50 soak, max damage will be done by a raider with 100 Phlegm. The only benefit of having higher humors is that the raider will have more time to destroy and to take hits from braziers and be able to do max damage for more of that time.


The Crime system is changing back to something older players will be familiar with. Players may again switch leantos while they have crimes. The crime debuffs will last a maximum of 2 hours from the point the criminal leaves the scene of the crime. Running away from the scene will reduce that time down to as little as 30 minutes at about 2500 squares away. Going further will have no effect. You can no longer regenerate humors while under a crime debuff, and you may no longer teleport. You may now have an unlimited number of Crime Debuffs again and the duration will now be displayed in the traditional fashion for expiring debuffs. Town Claims will now behave in the same way as pclaims for the purpose of calculating crime debuffs, sending players home, and other factors.

Committing Waste now costs significantly more Black bile as well as an initial phlegm requirement. Slowly destroying something with waste no longer causes the crimes to ‘tick up’ over time.
Stealing now costs more black bile.
Carrying something off a claim now costs significantly more black bile and will also drain yellow bile.
Opening a container to look at its contents costs no black bile.


New Artifice Category: Criminality

*New Artifice Badge of Aggression
*New Artifice Badge of Battery
*New Artifice Badge of Intrusion
*New Artifice Badge of Plunderer
*New Artifice Badge of Ruin
*New Artifice Badge of Fyre
*New Artifice Badge of Carnage

Criminality reduces the amount of black bile taken from committing crimes (not braziers).


Players will no longer be able to empty their villages when under a Waste Claim. Waste Claims now prevent players from porting to town so that smuggling items out of a town now means running away on foot.

Fledgling Towns

Towns that are less than one week old instantly become attackable under a waste claim. In addition to this, their bells and authority objects can also be destroyed. New towns should make a note to stay off the radar for at least a week. Veteran towns should patrol their 1000x1000 area at least once per week to ensure that enemy towns are not popping up for the sake of a fortified Trial By Combat area.

Trial By Combat

New Skill: Revenge lets you build a Trial By Combat structure.

A new mechanic, Trial By Combat has been added. Players may now build a Trial By Combat structure which lays down a shadow similar to that of a Waste Claim. Any player leantoed within the shadow may be summoned to the Trial By Combat depending on the severity of their crime. Players maybe summoned after 4 hours if Evidence of Murder is used, 8 hours if Evidence of Waste is used, 10 hours if evidence of Revenge is used, 12 hours if Evidence of Larceny is used, and 24 hours if Evidence of Aggravated Assault is used.

Summoning a player to a Trial By Combat will produce the sound of a Gavel.
Players who have commited a crime may now change leantos again, but anyone under the shadow of a Trial By Combat may NOT change their leanto.
Players may be summoned once per evidence at a Trial By Combat.
Trials will automatically end after 26 hours.
Players can only be summoned to one trial at a time. If a player has recently been summoned to trial another party must wait a bit to summon them to their trial.
A player with no leanto can now be summon killed even when they are online.
Evidence in inventories will now last as long as the scents on the ground. So, the maximum time evidence can last is 16 days if collected immediately.


Stockades have been added to Boston. A player with Evidence against another may bring it to the Judge in Boston to have it judged Guilty. Guilty Evidence may be used at the Stocks to summon the criminal to it for 24 hours.
Players may now buy a Wild Whip. Seasoned players may whip criminals in the stocks, causing permanent Humor drain. The whip will wear out eventually.
Players may now find an Executioners Whip in a Mystery Weapon Chest. This whip will can be used TWICE on the same criminal per trip to the stocks.
Anyone may throw a Tomato at a criminal in the stocks to add a Full and Fed Up timer to them.
A smooth negotiator may negotiate a Writ of Habeas Corpus from the Judge. It may be used to free the criminal after 2 hours. Once freed, a criminal can't be sent to the stocks again for at least 24 hours. The higher the characters Law & Lore the lower the Writ can be Negotiated from the judge.


Players may now Deposit Silver into the bank for a 15% Tax from His Majesty. A KOed player may offer a Ransom to a player for 60% of his net Worth in his bank account. In the event the Ransom is accepted that player will be ported to Town. If a player KO's on a claim that does not belong to him, he may only offer the Ransom to the owner of that claim.


New Skill: Revenge. This skill will allow you to murder any character that you have a scent to without having the actual murder skill. This will leave a unique scent known as a ‘revenge’ scent.

Eye for an Eye
New Skill: Eye for an Eye. Plays may commit Eye for an Eye against a player if they have the scent belonging to him. Doing so DOES NOT leave a scent. This will cut off the players right hand and leave them in a PERMANENTLY crippled state.


For some, the thought of living without their tool/weapon hand is too much! For players who have planned their estate, having Mr. Puggles (The Executioner) ending your life will provide the maximum inheritance benefit.

Purity Destruction

Attacks on Purity are now a thing. Salt will no longer damage a field until the field purity is below 5%. If a field has more than 5% Aether, the salt will instead, damage the Aether by 5%. So, while it will be possible to destroy your victim's field purity, it will take a lot more effort that it is worth in most cases.
Similarly, Pots can no longer be simply destroyed. Beetles and Caterpillars will do 1% damage to a pot's Aether, while Stick Bugs and Giant Aphids will do 5% damage. When Aether reaches 0%, 2 more bugs will destroy it.
Turkey Coops can no longer be destroyed. Administering Smelling Salts to turkeys will lower the Aether of the coop. When the Coop reaches 0% Aether, Smelling Salts will destroy it.

Miscellaneous Changes

Summoning a player now requires Line of Sight to the Summoner, so you can't summon someone to the other side of a wall from you.
The Speed at which Damage is applied to walls and buildings has been increased.
Players now restore from KO with 5 Blood.
The requirements for Murder have increased dramatically.
A murdered character doesn't return to the Character Select screen for 30 seconds, giving your death a little time to sink in.
Cornerposts now have more hitpoints than the segments of their respective wall types.
Walls that have been 'recently' created will not splash.
Players must now turn on Criminal Acts to commit Aggravated Assault.
Players may now only use a sword when it is in their right hand.
Players may now expand claims under a Waste Claim shadow but not under the Waste Claim object itself.
Scents will now appear 100% of the time a map tile is loaded.
The tooltip for Crime has been rewritten.
If you attempt to commit a crime that would KO you, or lack the phlegm, yellow, or black to do so. Your character will instead fail to try the crime. Players will still KO from braziers or black bile drain from being on hostile claims.
Leantos now have more hit points.

Store Additions and Changes

Players my now find a King's Purse in the Mystery Toolbox.
Players my now find a Farmer’s Hoe in the Mystery Toolbox.
Pitchforks now give a chance to gather an additional hay.
Turning in a Murder scalp to the executioner will now give you a South Sea Company Stock Certificate. We hope by the end of the weekend to have the store rebooted so that 'Store Credits' can indeed be earned by consumption of these Certificates.

Other New Stuff


Devils Worts have had their inspirational values adjusted.
Red Rose has had its inspirational values adjusted.
Wild Columbine now grows in Oak Savannah.
Trout Lily now grows in Coniferous Forest.
Turks Cap now grows in the Fen.
Red Trillium now grows in Greenwood
Ladys Slippers now grow in Swamps.
Iris Prismatica now grows in Autumnal Forest.
Flame Azaleas now grow in Crag.
Shooting Stars now grow in Badlands.
Spring Beauty now grow in Grasslands.
Mayapple now grows in the Shrub.


Players may now find Steer Skulls in Badlands, Shrub, Greenwoods, & Crag.
Players may now forage Torn Tentacles.
Brilliant Honeydew has had its number of uses increased and its inspiration values increased.
Honeydew now spawns more frequently, but may only be found in Grasslands.
Players now get a Colorful Autumn Leaf rather than a Perfect Autumn Leaf when foraging in Autumnal Forests.
Players may now forage Shed Skins.
Players may now forage Petrified Wood.
Players may now forage Liverwort
Players may now forage Peat Moss.
Players may now forage Stick Bugs.
Players may now forage Giant Aphids
Players may now forage Animal Canines, which they may now mill into Bonemeal.
Players may now forage Scintillating Sand.
Players may now forage Sand Dollars.
Each of these new inspirationals replaces the Honeydew in a different Biome.

Players may now craft Pectin Prison.

Deer Antlers inspirational may now drop off Deer.

Meat Shreds are now an inspirational.
Doughstarters are now a low level Sugar & Spice Inspirational.

Other New Items

Added: Art of Lusewing
Added: Art of Bankee
Added: Art of Nictos
Added: Art of Potjeh
Added: Art of Alagar
Added: Art of Thais
Added: Art of Yabu.

Players may now build Wardrobes for all their clothing storage needs.
Players may now build Big Barrels which hold much more liquid and substances.
The speed of carrying small Barrels has been increased and the tooltip in the build menu now displays how much a barrel can hold.
New Rare Item can be foraged: Teasel.
Teasels can be used to improve the difficulty of any item with Diff->25.
There is a new animation for moving while in a Canoe.
Players may now sharpen Hunting Knives and Butcher Knives.
There is now a new Tombstone in the Graveyard. New Bare Trees have been added to the Graveyard.
The Wishpoosh now drop Raw Beaver Slabs, and have an additional rare drop.
Search Duff now has its own animation.
Mines now have a chance to produce Rubble. Cave-Ins now drop Rubble instead of Stone Boulders.

Plantation Management
New Skill: Plantation Management.
The upkeep on a field now has a ‘floor’ that is based on this skill. All existing fields still have 50% upkeep floors. A field that is growing may be ‘Tended” and doing so will permanently lower the upkeep floor of that field depending on the quality of hoe that was used.

Beauty and the Balance

Wildberry Pies now require fewer Berries, Pumpkin Pies require less Flesh and Mushroom Pies require fewer Mushrooms.
Sauteed Shellshrooms no longer require a lard and instead require pumpkinseedoil.
Fruit jelly is now the 3 hour food for the Berry Foodgroup.
Pemmican is now a more efficient 30 minute food for the berry foodgroup.
Green Seafood Salad has had its materials reduced and now contains ingredients of forage only.
Red Seafood salad has had its materials reduced and now contains its extra ingredients from potting only.
Unbaked BigBell has had its recipe requirements reduced.
Jellyroll has had its F&F Timer reduced slightly.
Adjusted Jonah and the Whales slightly.
Banding a lobster now no longer removes its purity.

Fixed Typo in the Waterways skill.
Wild Oats can now only be obtained from Cereal Fields.
Braziers now activate when they witness any crime in their range.
Savage Charms now lay on the ground for 15 minutes before disappearing.
Lilypads and Seaweed now spawn slightly less in Swamps.
Salamanders now spawn in Greenwood, Swamp, Fen & Oak Savannah more often. They no longer spawn in the other biomes.
The value for 4-leaf clovers has been adjusted.
Forage now drains significantly less Yellow bile when standing still.
Leanto’s can now be seen on the minimap by default.
Scents can now be seen on the minimap if tracking is on.
The animation for KO has been reworked and should no longer have bounding box issues with a KO'd body.
Toolbelts now behave more like Keyrings and less like Backpacks.

Players may now grind Beaverteeth into bonemeal.
Fish Skeletons now yield less bonemeal than bones.
Bones now yield more bone meal than before.
Fields now take more bonemeal to fertilize
Darkenbones now yield more darkenbonemeal than before.

Broken Boughs now spawn in lieu of branches as opposed to in addition to them.
Females now sound more feminine when studying.
Boston Church is now a much larger cathedral.
There is now a new inventory graphic for glass vials filled with water.
New Inventory Graphic for Cocoons and prematurely freeing a caterpillar now also provides the husk of a cocoon.

Wishpoosh now spawn deeper in the darkness.
Players may now craft a Wishpoosh Hide Cape.

Corn Fields now yield double the corn seeds at harvest.
Players now receive an error message when trying to write more than one will.
Leantos no longer decay.
New Violin Man on the Isle of Nod.
Just Stand There has returned to the Emote menu.

A new animation for Swimming is in.
Swimming now drains less phlegm.
NEW SKILL: Long Distance Swimming has been added.

Makeshift Fishing Rod and Fishing Rod now count as tools and can be placed in a tool belt.
Dousing Rods are now equippable in your right hand and may now be placed in Toolbelts.
Mine Entrances no longer need to be built on paving.
New Unliftable versions of Chairs have been added. Dock Club Stadium is now less open to chair thievery.
New Animation for Chopping Blocks.
New Animation for Chopping Trees.
Animation for Killing Blow has been corrected.

Wood Choppings now provide more Hammer & Nail and Less arts and crafts.
Tooltip has been added to the Last Will & Testament.
Players may now split silver into stacks of 500
Purses now have a graphic when dropped on the ground.
Salt now has a tooltip.
Players now get a Bonus roll to the number of coal that can be gathered from a coal clamp. This bonus roll is dependent upon the players Sparks & Embers Proficiency.
Filling an Ore Smelter now makes a sound effect.
Players now get a Bonus roll to the number of boards that can be taken off a tree placed on a sawbuck. This bonus roll is dependent upon the Players' Hammer & Nail Proficiency.

Turkey Coop purity now gains at 200% speed it was before.
Players now make a sound when studying an item that grants a skill.
Players may no longer study an item that gives a skill if they already have that skill.
Items that gives skills now have the flower menu icon of "Ponder" instead of "Study".
Rowboats no longer take damage when you sail them around.
New Animation for Strafing along cliffs.
New Animations For Climbing up and Down Cliffs.

NEW BUILDING: Water Tower.

New Animation for Riding Horses.
New Animation made for Digging.


The Lethal Calculations for Wishpooshes has been slightly adjusted. It should be more frequent, but still rare.
Horribly Rotten Walnut is now more rare.
Ore Boulders now yield 10 Pieces of Ore, Down from 20.
Argopelter’s now stun you when they hit you with a branch.
Players may no longer carry bushes on horses.
Legacy Town Flags (From before the patch a few months ago changing the drain rates) now drain substantially more silver. Players should replace them with the new Border Stones.
Smoked Meats now yield lower Humors.

We have done some pretty extensive testing, and fully expect this patch to contain a large wealth of bugs, issues, and errors. We appreciate your patience and understanding that a complete rework of so many fundamental systems is bound to have a few loopholes. We would once again like to remind everybody that use of any mechanic that 'seems fishy' or in any way could be a 'bug' should be reported IMMEDIATELY. Failure to do so could have dire consequences. Also, due to so much of this system involving 'death', it is highly encouraged that those without expendable characters wait a week or so and let the death settle before running head-first into a life of crime. We appreciate your patience and understand that there is a large playerbase that was less-interested in the PvP sides of Salem. We still strongly believe that it is the nature of conflict that makes Salem the unique experience it is.

Enjoy Salem!

Mini update #1

*Rats now spawn a bit less
*Black Tea now restores Black Bile
*Scalping a player now requires revenge instead of murder.
*A Dead Hydrukey can now be carried

Mini update #2

*Fixed HIGH priority Bug with Leanto Looting
*Fixed HIGH priority Bug with coal clamps.
*Fixed bug causing 'some' players not to be able to remove their Q&Q as intended.

Mini Update #3
The option to drain a leech now only presents itself when it has indeed leeched some blood from a player.
Waste Claims no longer lock players from being unable to change leantos.
Water Towers must now be built on paving.
Players may no longer carry live Hydrukeys
Rats no longer aggro witches
Hydrukeys now aggro pilgrims
Hydrukeys will not aggro witches.
Witches no longer light drain when in the stocks, thus no longer knocking them out and allowing them to 'escape'.
Players under waste claims and Trial By Combats are no longer immediately locked to their leantos.
Once a TbC is built, the attacking player may then use a scent against on the TbC itself which will then "LOCK" the leanto and send the player a message that he has been accused.
If that leanto is then destroyed once accused, the player is killed as if being summoned without a leanto.

Mini Update #4
Weekly Stall Rent has been raised to 350 Silver.

Mini Update #5
Liverworts now correctly spawn in the Coniferous Forest.

Mini Update #6
Fixed error with mayapples not spawning.
Fixed error with Steer Skulls not spawning in Shrub.
Fixed issue with Pottery Shards being OP :).
Brilliant Honeydew Values have been adjusted.
Throwing Tomatos at players in the Stocks will display the amount added to their F&F Debuff.
Whipping a Criminal will display the amount of humors removed.

Mini Update #7
Between offensively removing claims through eminent. Offensively circling other cities, and the general willingness of the average Hermit to 'have a town'. We have decided to drastically increase the cost of Town Charters. We believe that towns are something that multiple players should spend a fair bit of effort to obtain. And things that players looking to use them offensively should have to put some serious consideration into.

Mini Update #8
*Corrected a Typo in the Tooltip for Wild Columbine.
*Lowered the Inheritance Bonus from Mr. Puggles from 30%->10%.
*King's Purse now correctly displays how much silver it can hold (50,000)
*Hunter Necklace has been changed From Herbs & Sprouts to Hunting and gathering.
*Summon Killing a player with evidence that is no longer online now drops Revenge Scents instead of Murder Scents.
*A witch who kills another Pilgrim through Witch-Craft will now leave a Witchcraft Scent instead of a Murder scent.
*The Scent will now drop at the point where the wtich casted her spell/doll/hex instead of the point where the pilgrim died.
*Revenge Skill Adjusted up slightly.
*New Skill: Sanctioned Mortification. Required for Whippingp layers in the stocks.
*Murder now unlocked with Rights and not Vandal.

Mini Update #9
*Lobster Tails now have the purity of the boiled lobster they came from.
*Fix'd some inconsistancy on when alts logged out.
*Fix'd a typo in Sanctioned Mortification.

Mini Update #10
*Black bile from Item theft adjusted up slightly.
*Revenge now required to summon a criminal online in all cases.

Mini Update #11
*Fix'd issue with Stock Certificates spawning on the wrong characters.
*Teapod may now be purchased from the farmer.

Mini Update #12
*Stealing from a Character or a Leanto is now 1000% more black bile drain than a chest.
*Criminality is now much better at reducing the black bile used when stealing or otherwise committing crimes that cause black bile dmg from things.
*Wardrobe has been re-skinned.
*You may now find Rusty Coins when digging.

Mini Update #13
*The Lewt options on Claimstones now work without having to be mounted.
*Hydrukeys should finally stop aggroing after death.
*You may now walk through Leantos'
*Fireplace down to Survival Things
*Piles of Wood now require mining.
*Piles of wood now burn out in 1 Minute. Speed/Spam Mining should now be a thing. Test it, spam it, and weigh in on if it is too easy or hard please.
*Civilian Mining has been removed from Mining Speed. Civilian Artifices will be getting another Makeover in the next months patch.
*Mining a Boulder now requires 10 Phlegm.
*Chopping Trees once again makes a sound.

Mini Update #14
*Boston Music Changed back.
*Jack O Lamps Now Light faster again.
*Fix'd issue with not being able to pull stashed items out of a leanto.
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Re: Stocking up on Tears

Postby Scilly_guy » Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:53 pm

Don't know if I have ever been online for the patch. Woo! Happy Christmas
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Re: Stocking up on Tears

Postby Nektaris » Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:03 pm

oleanna wrote:It's a part of the game. Stealing stuff with larceny or with brain is a way like an other !
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Re: Stocking up on Tears

Postby Claeyt » Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:05 pm

More than I expected. :D

Of course I'm the first one to catch a disease in this game. Sigh. :cry:
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Re: Stocking up on Tears

Postby Nektaris » Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:07 pm

I'm expecting to see Providence filled with players wearing Plague Doctor Masks :lol:
oleanna wrote:It's a part of the game. Stealing stuff with larceny or with brain is a way like an other !
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Re: Stocking up on Tears

Postby trungdle » Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:10 pm

God one long change log!
One more thing. If it is too hard for me to repair my house and it will still be there even if I dont repair it, and raiders cant destroy it anyway, then why would i waste my resource on repairing?
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Re: Stocking up on Tears

Postby Nektaris » Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:12 pm

The formula to calculate Brazier's damage is still the same?
oleanna wrote:It's a part of the game. Stealing stuff with larceny or with brain is a way like an other !
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Re: Stocking up on Tears

Postby Bjebr » Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:14 pm

Thanks for all of that, it sounds good !
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Re: Stocking up on Tears

Postby Icon » Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:19 pm

A. I warned you all about the blankets

B. "witches may no longer curse while mounted on things.".

so that's a bug now huh? ,,!,,
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Re: Stocking up on Tears

Postby tweenprinc3ss » Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:26 pm

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