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Purely Food

Postby JohnCarver » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:14 pm

Greetings Pilgrims!

Update Clients Plz.

This month's patch, as you know, involves a complete rework to food, cooking, and purity. Almost every food recipe in the game has been altered and many new recipes have been added. The effect of variable food ingredients has been expanded and reworked and we think you'll like this new system.
As part of the new food system and as part of our continuing updates to 'Professions' several new skills have been added.
We've also added a number of interesting new items such as new Inspirationals, Tools, and Artifacts, and some new mechanics we hope you will appreciate.
We've also made a few balance changes by which we hope to reap many tears.

So, on to the New Purity system!:

Salemites have discovered a new Element known as Aether!
The Multiplier benefits of Purity are now directly dependent on Aether, meaning the more Aether your item has, the more Pure it is. Purity is still based on a 0% to 100% scale.
Salt 'purity' is gone from items, and Mercury, Sulphur and Lead will now be 'impurities' so that if your item is high in one of these elements, it will still be impure. In the future, we plan to implement a few systems that rely on high numbers in one or another of these impurities, but most of you will only be interested in Aether.
The nodes of the world will now only change the balance of the impurities. All forage items will be 0% pure in their native state. You will have ways of increasing them after you harvest.
Purity has been removed from Water.
Steam Distillers and Copper Pots will no longer affect the Purity of what you put into them.
Inspirationals no longer have bonuses from their purity. However, we do plan to implement some ways of improving your Inspirationals in the future.
All foods will continue to have purity. Sabres will now be affected by Purity and here is how it all works:

Field Purity

Fields now have purity on them which will be displayed below the Influence bars.

Purity of your Crop output will be influenced by the purity of both the Seeds you plant and the Field itself as well as a random up or down event. Field purity will not go down, only up, though the random event will cause the harvest itself to vary up or down. Harvests will also be lower purity when using seeds of lower purity than the field.

The Higher the Aether value of the field and seed combination, the greater chance you will have of your random event lowering the purity of your harvest, making it easy to raise purity in the beginning and more difficult as you improve.

Harvests are influenced towards the lower Aether values, meaning that if someone gifts you high purity seeds, the resulting harvest will be very low purity if the field itself is still of low purity. Furthermore, fields purity increase per harvest is capped to prohibit huge purity jumps caused by plantings of high purity seeds. You must develop your purity yourself.

Gardening Purity

You may now right click on an empty or growing pot to see it's purity. YES!

The purity of your Garden Harvest is a mixture of the Pot, Humus, and Original Plant.

As with fields, the purity jump per planting in a pot is capped so you will get limited benefit from trying to plant high purity plants rather than increasing purity on your own. And as with fields, your pot purity cannot go down once it goes up.

Humus purity is now determined entirely by the average of your Pythons and Worms in each bin. They will still spawn at 0% in your bins, so check them often. Feeding a Python purity plants from your fields will increase its purity, which will in turn increase your humus purity.

Humus bins have been increased to 7x5 to help accommodate your purity pythons.

Fish & Shellfish Purity

Fish Traps now have purity which can be viewed beneath their inventory space.

Purity of Fish Traps doesn't change, but is dependent on the purity of the new Fiber Netting item which is made from fibers including Cotton Puffs.

Fish Traps can now also catch various Shellfish in addition to Fish. Their purity will match the purity of the Fish Trap.

Domestic Turkey Purity

Turkey Coops now have a Purity which is displayed below their Inventory.

The purity of the Turkey Egg will now be a combination of the Turkey Coop, the Hen and the Gobbler.

Each time a Poult of higher purity than the coop is raised in the coop, the purity of the coop will rise slightly. As with other structures, the coop cannot drop in Purity and will greatly lower the purity of its produce if you try to place high purity turkeys in a low purity coop.

Meat Purity

The Purity of Meat harvested in the wild is now entirely determined by the Butcher Knife used while butchering.

New items Knife Hilt and Knife Blade can be combined to produce a Butcher Knife.

This is where Metal Purity begins to have an effect. Purity of the knife is determined by the purity of the Blade which is determined by the purity of the Bar used to make it.

A Butcher Knife is subject to wear, so simply buying one will only help you so much. When the knife wears out, it will return the Hilt, which can then be attached to a new blade.

Insect Purity

Players may pick up a Snail, Grub, Beetle, or the new Caterpillar, and right click them on a plant. The bug will obtain the purity of the Plant eaten instantly.

Iron Purity

All mine nodes are now 0% when prospecting and must be improved by the player, meaning that any Iron Mine node is now just as good as any other node.

The purity of Ore Boulders is now calculated based on the distance from your entrance, so the further your mine, the better your Ore purity will be.

There is a random +/-event for each boulder, so you can get lucky and find good ore fairly early. The random event is influenced in your favor based on the amount of Civilian + Mining you have in your outfit.

Sword Blades now have Purity which will be directly applied to the Sabre. Sabres will have a small Damage bonus determined by their Aether value.

Food Group Purity

Purity of a Food Group Recipe will now only take into consideration the Primary ingredients in that food group. For example, a recipe in the Berry Food Group will only look at the berries when calculating purity, and ignore any other ingredients, whatever their purity. So, a Wildberry Pie will take into consideration the purity of its Berries, but ignore the purity of the flour used to make the dough.

Other Purity

"What of our Copper Mines and Trees that don't produce nuts or fruit?" you ask. They have no use as of right now. However, we do plan to expand the Purity system beyond Food and Sabres in the future so these things are not necessarily useless.

Proficiencies have changed in identity
Frontier & Wilderness is now Flora & Fauna
Hunting & Gathering is now Hunting & Hideworking
Pots & Pans is now Herbs & Sprouts


Players will now receive a Gluttony Bonus of an additional Humor point when stringing a session beyond 10 Points, and TWO additional Humor Points after achieving more than 20 points in one session.

In addition to this players will also receive a ‘score’ in their full and fed up debuff while they gluttony. A player may “Share his Dining Experience” with the new Chef in town to register himself as one of Salem’s top chefs, for both prestige and a reward.

You will now gain a point in the lowest of humors if more than one humor bar fills and triggers a point gain.

You may now Slice your Pies and eat them too.

Your Food menu has been divided into Food Groups. All the recipes in a particular group in the menu belong to that group and that group alone when it comes to Gluttony. This should go a long way towards helping you plan a Gluttony Session.

Each group now has 'newbie', 'intermediate', and 'advanced' foods along with one food for each food group that will allow you to Restore that group back to 100% for a cost of Silver ingredient.

Berry Food Group

Berry Food Group now applies a Variable food buff to each recipe based on the Berry used.

Fruit Jelly now costs more berries, less isinglass and less sugar and it's Gluttony values have been adjusted.
Wildberry Pies now unlock with baking, they cost more berries and their Gluttony values have changed.
Berries on a Straw have had Gluttony Values adjusted and now have 4 regen uses.
Cranberries have had their Full and Fed Up time reduced and heal values adjusted.
Crowberries may now be eaten and Gobbled.
Huckleberry heal and Gluttony Values have been adjusted.
Blackberry Heal and Gluttony values have been adjusted.
New Item: Pectin comes in Cranberry, Crowberry, Huckleberry and Blackberry and is an important ingredient in Berry Foods.
Players may now make many new Berry Recipes: Cranberry Sauce, Berry Bar, Berry Jam, Berry Cobbler, Jelly Roll, Jam Sandwich, Berry Salad, Pemmican, and Seabass in Berry Sauce.
Berries may also be Dehydrated in the Steam Distiller.
Bluebeary has been moved to Berry Food Group and had it's values adjusted.

Nut Food Group

The Nut Food Group will now apply a Variable ingredient buff based upon the nut used.
Myrtle Oak Acorns my now be eaten as well as Chestnuts.
Hickory Nuts have had their values adjusted.
Roasted Chestnuts have had their values adjusted.
New food Pine Nuts may be roasted, as can Hickory Nuts.
Values and ingredients for Autumn Delight have been adjusted.
Values for Nutcracker Suite have been adjusted and the Unbaked version can no longer be eaten.
Player may now make new Nut Recipes: Trailmix, Adventurer's Trailmix, Salty Nuts, Venison with Pickled Nuts, Crunchy Rabbit, Roasted Pine Nut Stuffing, and Sweet Walnut Crusted Fish.

Vegetable Food Group

Vegetable Food Group now applies a Variable ingredient buff based upon the Cabbage Leaf used.
You may now eat and Glutton Green Bellpeppers and Milkweed Roots.
Values for Oakworth, Honeysuckle Kudzue, Wild Garlic, Boiled Gourd, and all four Cabbage Leaves have been adjusted.
Cabbage Chuck Roast, Garden Veg, Dragonbreath Salad, Cabbage Rolls, and Cabbage Crush Salad have had their values and ingredients adjusted.
Cabbage Crumbs, Wild Salad, A Snake in the Grass, and Candied Oakworth Tart have had their values adjusted.
Tendergrass Rump has been moved to the Vegetable group and had it's values and ingredients adjusted.
New Items: Carrot, Radish, and Tomato can all be potted.
New Item: Jalapeno
Players can now make Cooked Carrot, Salted Radishes, and Fyne Salad.

Shellfish Food Group

Shellfish Food Group will now apply a Variable buff based on the Shellfish used.
Lobsters may now be caught in Fish Traps placed in the Ocean. Beware: They are Ill-Tembered.
Boiled Lobsters may be Disected to remove their Lobster Tail.
Roasted Crab Meat and Cooked King Crab have had their Gluttony Values adjusted.
Crab Salad is renamed to Green Seafood Salad and has had it's values adjusted.
New Shellfishes Oysters and Crawdads may also be caught in Fish Traps.
Players may now make Crab Cake Dough which can be baked into Crab Cakes, Red Seafood Salad, Fried Oysters, Sauteed Shellshrooms, Lobster Legs, Peppered Seafood Medley, and Bottomfeeder Bajgiel.

Game Meat Food Group

Game Meat Food Group will now apply a Variable buff based on the type of Meat used.
Adjustments have been made to recipe and Heal/Gluttony values of Humble Meat Pie, Side of Venison, Walk on the Wild Side, Beaver Dam, Deviled Beaver, Frikadel, Garlic Spitroast, Plank Steak, Simple Sunday Steak, and Windy Pooh.
Tenderboiled Terrine has had its values adjusted and boiling time increased significantly.
Rabbits and Snakes are now Game Meats rather than Critters.
Lean Rabbit and Garlic Rabbit have been moved to Game Meats group and had their values and ingredients changed.
All Roasted Cut and Roasted Steak foods have been adjusted.

Bread Food Group

Bread Food Group applies its Variable ingredient buff based on the Flour type used.
Pie Doughs have been adjusted and are now made with Wheat.
Crescent Croissant, Oatmeal Crackers, Ryebread, and Garlic Bread have had their ingredients and values adjusted.
Barley Cakes will now be known as Tasty Cakes and have been adjusted.
Gingerbread Man has had its Gluttony values adjusted.
Cabbage Cakes and Marrow Dumplings have been moved to the Bread group and have had their materials, values, and prereques adjusted accordingly.
Players can now make English Muffins, Baguettes, Anadama Bread, Brown Bread, Berryies on Bajgiel, French Toast, Bajgiel, and Clover Rolls.

Poultry Food Group

Poultry Food Group now applies a Variable ingredient buff based on your choice of Wild Turkey, Domestic Turkey, or Argopelter meat, or a Variable ingredient buff based on your choice of Turkey Egg or Argopelter Egg.
Dead Wild Turkeys and Domestic Turkeys now have tooltips indicating which one you are looking at.
Dead Wild Turkeys are no longer butchered but can be Plucked like Domestic Turkeys.
Majestic Tailfeathers will now rarely drop from Wild Turkeys.
Weighty Wattle now drops during the 'Pluck' stage of Turkey Butchering for both Domestic and Wild Turkeys (much more rare for wild).
Plucked Turkeys both domestic and wild may no longer be butchered into cuts, but will always be Stuffed and cooked in an oven. Time to cook has been reduced.
Butchering an Argopelter will no longer yield cuts, but will now yield a Plucked Argopelter which must be stuffed and oven baked as with Turkeys.
Buchering an Argopelter will sometimes yield an Argopelter Egg as a variable egg ingredient.
Turkey Sandwich should no longer be usable as an ingredient in another Turkey Sandwich.
Values and ingredients of Things with Wings, Turkey Sandwich, Turkish Delight, Cornmash Gobbler, and Farmer's Omelet have been adjusted.
Each type of Stuffed Bird will now yield two Wings, two Drumsticks, two Breasts, and two Thighs of the correct Bird type, along with a chance at various gibblets.
Players my now make Scrambled Eggs, Wild Wings, Lilypoulter, and Jellypoulter.

Slugs Bugs & Kritters Food Group

Bugs Food Group now applies a Variable buff based on your choice of bug.
Grubs and Sizzled Slugs have had their Gluttony values adjusted.
Players may now eat raw Virginia Snails.
Frog Chowder, Froghetti, Virginia Shellroast, Wortbaked Wortbite, Cricketbab, and Papricharrred Charcuterie have had their ingredients and values adjusted.
Papricharred Charcuterie and Cricketbab have been moved to the Bugs food group.
Wortbaked Wortbites can now be cooked in Stoves.
Players may now find and eat Caterpillars.
Players may now make Sizzled Grubs, Fried Frog Legs, and Pest-Filled Morel.

Corn Food Group

The Corn Food Group now applies a Variable food buff based on your choice of Corn type.
Cornmeal Flatbread, Empire Bluecakes, Ghost Loaf, Johnny Cakes, Goldtillas, and Corn Pudding have had their ingredients and values adjusted.
Popcorn now requires a Frying Pan to pop. Frying Pans are not good a popping corn.
Players can now make Roasted Corn on the Cob, Cornmeal Crusted Bluegill, Tortilla, Tamale, and Corn & Crab Chowder.

Pumpkin Food Group

Pumpkin Flesh now knows which Pumpkin it was cut from, all 12 of them, and will give a Variable buff to the recipe it is used in.
All Pumpkin types have had their Gluttony Values adjusted, you really don't want to straight gluttony a whole pumpkin.
Pumpkin Pies have had their values and ingredients adjusted and are now best used for regen.
Players may now make many new pumpkin recipes including Funky Pumpkins, Sugar Delight, Bush Babies, Argomoon, Bigbell, Pumpkin Gnochi, Red October, and Fleshcovered Gourd.

Fungus Food Group

Mushrooms now give a Variable ingredient bonus to the foods in their group.
All mushrooms can be grown in Pots now, so they are part of your Gardening grind.
Gluttony and Heal values of all mushrooms have been adjusted.
New Morels are much nicer than the funky ones you may have seen in Boston.
Shrooms on a Stick are now in the Fungus Food Group.
Mushroom Pies, Shrooms on a Stick, Shroom Legume Salad, Shroom Stuffed Bellpeppers, and Sweet Bambi have all had their ingredients and values adjusted.
Player may now make Fried Blewits, Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms, Shroom Patty, and Shroom Roll.

Fish Food Group

All 15 fish now apply a separate Variable ingredient buff to the recipes they are used in.
Dried Fish are no longer multiple use and so are not suited for Snack food.
Roast Fish are now differentiated from Roast Meat and have their own recipe in the Fish menu.
Not to worry, Buddies on a Branch and Fish in the Reeds are now well suited for snacking.
Fillet on the Rocks, Seaweed Rolls, Breaded Fillets, Cod in Lobster Sauce, Sealoaf, Spooky Ghosts, Jonah and the Whales, Pisces Iscariot, and Peppersauce Tuna have all had their values and ingredients adjusted.

In addition to all the new Purity and Food mechanics you get a long list of other new

Nice Things!

We have some new Inspirationals: Majestic Acorn obtained rarely from picking Acorns, Knotted Woodblock obtained rarely when chopping Woodblocks, and Bear Heart obtained rarely from butchering Bears.
More new Inspirationals can be Crafted: Walk the Beetle, Bar of Rose Scented Soap, Caterpillar in a Jar, and Fungus Amungus.
Also, a new Artifice, Lobster Claws.
New Item Fibre Netting is used to make Fish Traps.
New Item Cabbage Core is a Plant and a good Compost material, get one with every Cabbage Head you split.
New Items Sea Island Planter's Pouch and Egyptian Planter's Pouch for holding even more seeds.
New cooking tool Frying Pan.
New Ingredients Glass Jar and Frog Legs.
New item Mortar is used to make the new Brick Wall.
By the way, there is a new Brick Wall wall type which is stronger than ever.
New Item Corn Husks can be used to make Hay.
Several New Skills have been added to help flesh out the Professions.
Waterways is required for certain Boats.
Advanced Cooking contains many new food recipes and a few old.
Seafood Chef opens many seafood recipes.
Fried Foods opens the recipes needed a Frying Pan.
Torches allows the construction of Torch Posts and Torches, and is easy enough to get it should make Torch Post defense a viable option for newbies.
Mortar Masonry allows the making of Mortar and the construction of Brick Walls.
Weapon Forging will now unlock certain weapon making recipes independent of the skills required to actually use them.
Maize Planting is now required to farm Corn and cook most Corn based recipes.
New Item Paddle is required in making Boats and Canoes and can also be used as a weapon.
Clothing now displays the name of its maker.
Players may now demolish things on their own claim without soak. Note that this only applies to the actual claim owner, and only to Personal Claims, not to towns.

Store Additions

A new Weapon has been added to the Weapon Chest.
A new Hat can be found in the Mystery Hat Box.
New Store Item: Mystery Cape Hanger

New Furniture!

New Skills Rustic Furniture, Sophisticated Furniture and Cabinet Maker will expand the furniture you can construct.
Players may now craft both Old Style Chairs and Old Style Tables.
Cupboards are now unlocked with Sophisticated Furniture.
Players may now build a Feasting Table which contains many slots.
A new Build Menu section has been added containing all Tables and Chairs.

Awesome Tree Improvements!

New skill Tree Harvesting now allows you to pick an extra Hickory Nut from Hickory Trees, two additional Maple Leaves from Maple Trees, better chance of Perfect Leaf, extra bark from Birch Trees and an extra Acorn from Myrtle Oaks. Myrtle Leaves are now 6 be default and 10 with this skill, and they can now be used as tinder as their tooltip has claimed for ages.

Players may now gather Oak Duff from Oak trees, more with Tree Harvesting.
Artifice Tree Trimmings has been moved to Tree Harvesting.
Oak Trees will also sometimes yield a Squirrel Stash which can be rummaged in to find various Nuts, including the new Walnut (now part of the Nut food group).
New skill Birch Gathering is now required to harvest Birch Bark. Peeling Birch Bark will now take a little longer.
Birch Gathering now unlocks the Birch Bark Origami inspirational.
New item Pinecone can now be harvested from Spruce Trees. The cones count as Tinder and are an amazing fuel for fires. The can also be smashed open to obtain Pine Nuts, a new Nut food.

Boston Vendors will now sell Pepper and Molasses. Go pay a visit to our new Chef, Jordan Gramsey, if you dare.

Herbs and Foragables

Some new Foragables have been added and the rate at which you can find them has been rebalanced.

New herb Yellow Morels may be found in Shrub, Greenwood, Coniferous, and Badlands. Lavender Blewit spawns in Greenwood have been reduced once more, Witch Hats in Coniferous, and Sugarcaps in Badlands have also been somewhat reduced once more.
The Abandoned Cobwebs you love can now be sometimes found on the ground anywhere you find Spiders.
New foragable Fiddleheads can now be found in Grasslands, Autumnal, Oak Savanna, and Greenwood.
Stray Chestnuts can now be found less in Coniferous.
Crowberries have been decreased in Swamps, but added to Greenwood.
Lobster Mushrooms now spawn more often in Badlands and Crag and can be found in Fen.
Witch Hats are now more rare in the Fen.
Wild Garlic spawns in Grassland have been increased.
Huckleberries can now be found in the Fen.
Salt now spawns less in Swamps but more in other biomes. It can also be found in Mines.
Oysters will now spawn in the Shallow waters of Salem, and can be Pry'd open to yield Oyster Meat.
Caterpillars now spawn in the world in Autumn Forest, Oak Savanna, Fen, and inside Myrtle Oaks.
Turtles now spawn in Badlands, Crag, and occasionally in other biomes as well.
Somewhere out there... there's Salamanders.

Gardening is more Fun now, Trust Us.

Players may now plant all the Mushrooms.
Players may also now plant Milkweed Roots and Crowberries.
Players my now buy and plant Onions, Carrots, Radishes, and Tomatos. Ooooooooo.

Skill Adjustments

Many skills have been adjusted to make way for new skills or to accommodate the new Food system.
Exploration Requirements have been adjusted
Nuts & Seeds Requirements have been adjusted and it now has the prereq of Birch Bark Gathering.
Flowers & Berries Requirements have been adjusted it now has the prereq of Birch Bark Gathering
Shroom Hunting Req adjusted and it now has the prereq of Birch Bark Gathering.
Botonay Req reduced and it now has the prereq of Nuts & Seeds.
Slug Hunting Req reduced and it now has the prereq of Shroomhunting.
Turkey Farming Req adjusted and it now has the prereq of Slughunting.
Seamanship Requirements adjusted.
Simple Cooking Req reduced and it now has the prereq of Colonial Trade.
Intermediate Cooking, French Cuisine, Venison Cuisine, Banking, and Tasty Pastries Requirements have been adjusted.
Pottery, Coaling, and Kiln Construction Requirements have been lowered.
Masonry has had its Requirements increased.
Simple Fences now unlocks with Carpentry and Settling.
Ceramics and Cruicbles Req have been reduced and it unlocks via Coaling as part of the Sparks and Embers Profession.
Blacksmithing Req have increased and it now unlocks with Coaling.
Metallurgy Req have increased and it unlocks with Blacksmithing alone.
Brazier Forging now has much higher requirements.
Requirements for Carpentry and Joinery & Finish have both been increased.

I'm on a BOAT!

New Inspirational Oakum is now required to construct and repair both Boats and Canoes. Rowboats and Canoes no longer decay so only actual damage will require repair.
Oakum is made using new item Fired Bottle of Tar which is made from an Unfired Bottle of Tar.
Canoes now require a Paddle in their construction, while Rowboats require two. Rowboats also no longer require Iron Bars, but take nails instead.

Capes! Boy do we love Capes.

Hide Cape, Pilgrim Cape, and Nobleman's Cape have all had their material requirements adjusted.
New capes have been added for all the animals: Rabbitskin Cape, Snakeskin Cape, Beaverskin Cape, Deerhide Cape, Bearskin Cape, MarchHareHide Cape, and Argopelter Cape.
Also, Gold Cape, it's so shiny!
New item Golden Lace is now an ingredient in some clothing.

Some Small Default Client Improvements

Sulphur element is now an Flame-Kissed Orange color.
Lead is now Purple in color.
Humor Values shown in Tooltips are now colored to match the Humor Values gained.

Beauty & The Balance

Turkeys now Gobble Less. We will be monitoring the gobble-factor closely. Should you choose to upset the gods we reserve the right to increase Gobbling once again.
Bears now drop more Bones.
Bears can now be found in the Greenwoods.
Turkey and Beaver spawn rates have been dropped.
Long Whiskered Catfish Spawn Rates increased.

Fixed Tooltip inaccuracy in Glass Vial of Rose Otto and on Berrymash Purgative.
A Tooltip has been added to Fireplaces to make them less confusing for new players.
A Tooltip has been added to Sharpened Sticks, Torches, Wooden Shovels, and Axes.
Leantos may now be built earlier.

Stocks and Cults removed from Beetles and replaced with a bit of Perennial Philosophy.
Curious Cabbage is now the harvestable from any Cabbage field, not just Green Cabbage.
Foetid Ooze is now a good H&G inspirational and its drop rate has been increased.
Cricket Teams now have 3 uses.
Acorn Indian now has multiple uses.
Painted Feathers now have 4 charges instead of only 2.
You can now throw those Broken Boughs in the fire.

Brown Pants can now be socketed with Patchwork Pocket and turned into Rags.
Redcoat Tricorn has had it's name corrected in the Crafting menu.
Trapper's Jacket has been moved from Shirts to Coats.
Wooden Shovel now requires a Wooden Handle.
Bread Ovens now also require Planed Boards, Iron Bars, and Nails.
Torchposts now require Wooden Handles instead of Woodblocks.
Fresh, Dry, Planed, and Oiled Boards now all have different Graphics when dropped on the ground, yay!
All Buttons now have new and awesome Ground Graphics.
Runestone Shards now have a new ground graphic.
Generic, Indian, Egyptian, and Sea Island Cotton Cloths now have new ground graphics.
Evidence now has a new Graphic when dropped on the ground.
A new Menu subsection has been created in Processing & Materials called "Tailoring Materials".
Farmer's Hat no longer conflicts with Feathers and Faith hotkey.
New food Menus and Icons added for Nuts, Vegetables, SlugsnBugs, and Shellfish.
Cabbage Leaves get a new graphic, as do all the Corn Oils.
Graphics of the Flint & Steel and Spring Boxes have been replaced to match the other boxes.
Laces are now appropriately located in the Pins & Laces Category.
Founding Father Sash, Condottieri Cap, Bishop Mitre now take Gold Laces instead of Gold Bars.
Prospector's Boots now take Gold Laces and have a prereq of Mining instead of Compacts.
Polished Buttons now require Golden Corn Oil.
Scale Pins now require Cottonseed Oil.
Berrymash Purgative now requires Lilypad Bulbs.
Yellow Bile Drain on Thrust Decreased, and Damage from Sword Increased.
Stoves are now Unlocked with Intermediate Cooking.
Firearms is now Unlocked with Rights of the Einglishmen instead of Fencing.
Sword Blade, Halberd, Sabre, and Sword Hilt now Unlock with Weapon Forging.
In anticipation of upcoming changes to PvP, soak values of Walls have all been Increased while their Hit Points have been lowered.
Soak Values on Metal Chests have been Increased.
Earthworm Pythons are now more rare in Compost Bins.
Hitboxes on Carts are now much smaller to make them easier to navigate about.
Hitboxes on Farmers Houses have also been shrunk.
Hitboxes of Saw Bucks are now smaller.

Tears ¦]

You may no longer turn your Iron Conquistador Helmets in to Rags. Honestly, what were you thinking?
Baking Tables now also require Animal Glue, muahaha.
Maple Tree spawn rates will now be the same as other trees.
Fields cost more Phlegm to Plow.
Using Baking Tables and Cooking at Fires is now slower, but your Culinary is able to increase their speed by a theoretical 700%.
You may no longer eat the Devil's Wart.
You may no longer put your seeds in Compost Bins or Fish Traps.
Brazier Range has been significantly nerfed down to 11 tiles in each direction not counting the Brazier itself.
Waxing Toadstools are now more Poisonous.
Berrymash Purgative now removes 1 hour of debuff per gulp, down from 3.
Keys, Locks, & Keyrings now take metal instead of stones.

Hovels, Farmhouses, Townhouses, Brickhouses, Churches, Windmills, Braziers, Torchposts, Ore Smelters, Stampmills, Meatsmokers, Bread Ovens, Kilns, Presses and Turkey Coops must now be placed at least one tile away from other Structures just like Trees. No more walls made from odd things.

There you go. As always, I'll try to stick around and answer as many questions as possible. This patch was a bit more than we could and should have tackled all at once, so I expect there to be a fair amount of issues. Please be sure to report to me everything you find as I have implemented a new Bug-Finders reward :).

Thank you for your continued patience and loyalty Salemites.

--Mortal Moments Team

*Players May now Compost Plucked Turkeys, Wild Turkeys & Argopelters.
*Cabbage SeedStalks now produce cabbageseeds equivalent to the plenty on the field the stalk came from.
*Corn Husks are now any-plant
*Maple Tree Leaves Are no longer bugged and allow you to pick passed 2.
*Added 4 new Inspirationals.
*Fixed Maize Planting Typo.
*Fixed Typo on Adventurer Trailmix
*Fixed Typo with Roasted Crab Mean* Paginae
*Fixed Typo with Salt showing in Alchemy Skill Window
*Moved Red Bellpeppers restore from meat to Game meat.

*Players may now compost Oak Duff
*Oak Duff now requires a 75% mature Oak Tree before you can harvest it.
*Cauldrons no longer have Alchemy.
*New Item: Garlic Bread Slices. Garlic bread should now suck less.

*feasting Tables may no longer be carried outside houses.
*Worms now eat Significantly quicker.
*Nerf Garlic bread Slices foodgroup debuff slightly.
*Buffed Cabbage Crumbs phlegm restore slightly. Nefed other restore values by ~15%
*Fixed bug where "Made with so and so" wouldn't always stick around.

*Fixed the values for Roasted Eel
*Fixed an issue with Thresh Cereals displaying Corn.
*Bottomfeeder Bajgiels now property effect the shellfish category.
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Re: Purely Food

Postby pilgrim » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:14 pm

Thank you!
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Re: Purely Food

Postby Rele » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:15 pm

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Re: Purely Food

Postby loled2 » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:15 pm

Thanks :)
The tinder drill broke.
The tinder drill broke.
The tinder drill broke.
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Re: Purely Food

Postby alagar » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:16 pm


Sabres will now be affected by Purity and here is how it all works:

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Re: Purely Food

Postby Hose » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:19 pm

My dog walks me to the park and doggy styles me, if you find that weird you're an arrogant gender-assuming bloodthirsty gun-loving cisgender bestial sexist incestuous white-previlege misogynistic biased raped privileged Nazi slave owner terrorist lesbian.
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Re: Purely Food

Postby ericbomb » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:19 pm

Amazing update! Can't wait to get in and play!

I love how when you overcap two in gluttony the lowest go up! That is just kind and wonderful! So many great new things can't even begin to type out how cool this all is.
JohnCarver wrote:I reserve the right to torch your base.

JohnCarver wrote:I am offended!
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Re: Purely Food

Postby JohnCarver » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:19 pm

Quick Note: While the server does do a backup of sorts on its own merits, we have decided that just in case we break everything, we will be doing a manual backup while it is down. This process should take no more than 1/2 hour.


Yes we realized this a bit late in the game. We are working to create sharpening stones of sorts so you may sharpen your store items for purity.
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Re: Purely Food

Postby ericbomb » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:23 pm


Sabres will now be affected by Purity and here is how it all works:


I got your Locket... holy cow that was high purity.
JohnCarver wrote:I reserve the right to torch your base.

JohnCarver wrote:I am offended!
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