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A new era of prosperity on jamestown

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:13 pm
by Darwoth
I have spent the last year+ in game killing scores of people, raiding everything of value in sight and taking out all of my threats and enemies. i have grown mostly bored of that and wish to try something different, over the months dozens of people have approached me about wanting to join "my town", as such that time has come.

I will be converting one of my many unused towns into a safe haven for the people on jamestown who wish to grow and prosper in relative peace with the aim of getting the majority of the servers playerbase all in one town/townchat together. i have ran numerous large cities in a variety of other games and i am not exactly a newb at this one either so i know how to keep **** running smoothly and limit sabotage, the only thing that can ***** this project is a lack of participation.

first, the many benefits you receive for being a member of the town.

1> the town will obviously be under my protection. as such with the current server landscape you will be safe from raids and have the time/security to grow your tier3 fields, characters and wealth in a more relaxed environment.

2> this town will grow quickly and will be the largest town (eventually only town) left standing on jamestown. you will have people to play with and talk with instead of playing in the mostly closed environment you have likely been experiencing up to this point.

3> i own the majority of vendor stalls on the server, i only use half of them. part of a thriving server is a robust economy. anyone who is a member of the town and wants to try their hand at merchanting will be able to rent a vendor stall from me for 1500s a week (only 500s above rent)

4> i have my proficiencies high enough to slot most artifacts into most pieces of gear without to much trouble, members of the town will therefore have access to quality equipment at no cost to them beyond the armor/artifices they have chosen to slot. most people do not understand the difference quality gear makes, it is a big one. (note: i will NOT create high end combat sets for new members, only senior members and the town militia)

5> there will be town events and meetings regularly, ranging from the typical dueling tournaments to random other non combat related events that myself or another townmember thinks up.

6> quality members of the town that i see are putting substantial effort into advancing themselves and/or the town, helping newbs in chat, doing tedious construction projects others shy away from, are good at combat and join the town militia etc will be randomly rewarded with things like seeds/humus to boost their characters.

7> everyone that has been a part of the town for a while and proven themselves to be a valuable addition and not a newb that logs on once or twice before quitting will be provided with their own purity compost bins.

8> there is a role for everyone. fighters, raiders, builders, explorers. all are needed for a large town and there will be tasks for all roles. fighters for those who want to defend the town and keep the peace but not raid, raiders for those who wish to help spread the towns influence by raiding resources and destroying our enemies. builders to build the town and other large construction projects that only a town will be able to complete and will leave the legacy of the builders on the server permanently (for one example i think it would be neat to see a 5+ tile wide road that avoids swimming or climbing going from jamestown, to our town, all the way to the western darkness and eventually have other settlements crop up along this "highway") explorers and foragers are always needed to map and discover rare resource nodes.

the negatives of not joining........

1> eventually you will be found, then promptly killed and all your **** broken/stolen.


so yeah, as you can see there are two choices to make. you can either join the winning team and make friends while experiencing a smooth and relaxed rise in power and understanding of game mechanics as you enjoy being a part of "the powerful faction" or continue to wallow in newbville with 100 or less stats by yourself having no fun until we get around to killing you off. :lol:

the opportunity for membership is open to everyone from every country, the only requirement is to abide by the rules.

the rules are very simple and straightforward.

1> no killing/stealing/being a general ***** to your fellow townmates. any of this will result in you immediately being killed.

2> actively participate in town events, projects, defense and so on. casual players are fine, leeches or hangarounds that do not advance the town or themselves will not be tolerated.

3> have manners, when someone logs on and says hello respond with something other than silence. when someone does you a favor say thank you. lack of manners pisses me off and if you are consistently a ******** will result in you being killed.

4> you must build a plot in and live AT THE TOWN, i want to create a vibrant and active city. not just have a bunch of people in a chat together and yet still spread all over the map like everyone else's ****** towns

5> you are expected to provide basic security for your plot, with a relatively "open" town there will always be an occasional retard trying to annoy people. have at minimum a locked split rail fence and a few braziers on your plot to prevent being stolen from.


1> those considering joining the town for a chance at killing me do not waste your time not only will i kick your ass anyway but the town will be administered by one of my mid range combat alts. you will never see my primary fighters let alone main characters in the town.

2> those wishing to do things like make a big player claim to disrupt **** will be dissapointed to discover the grounds are checkerboarded with other claims minimizing any annoyance that can be caused, building one on the outskirts in the hopes that i waste large sums of money declaiming it will be ineffective as your claim will simply be cordoned off and built around.

3> those wishing to block the mine with mine supports will not be given the opportunity as ore boulders will be placed outside of the mine by myself or senior members of the town with the actual mine being secured from public access.

in any case this is the cursory announcement, if you want to be a part of this private message me. once i have a decent number of people who wish to join i will launch the town to people who already have characters so that they can settle and begin constructing their plots. shortly after that we will open to the public and create an area for fresh spawns for newbs or refugees from other servers.

Re: A new era of prosperity on jamestown

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:22 pm
by Pandereta
Nice guys can join your town?

Re: A new era of prosperity on jamestown

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:29 pm
by Darwoth
Pandereta wrote:Nice guys can join your town?

indeed, keep your newbkilling reserved for those who decided to not join up and we wont have any issues =P

Re: A new era of prosperity on jamestown

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:39 pm
by DarkNacht
So all 3 servers will now focus on killing noobs who don't obsessively read the forums?
Will you at least, post a sign warning the noobs that you are going to destroy their **** before you do it instead of after? Or are you just going to trash this server like the tribe has done to Plymouth?

Re: A new era of prosperity on jamestown

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:48 pm
by Darwoth
i am not a politician i am a killer, i will not post warnings. people should read the boards for the games they play, particularly this one. besides at this point i am pretty sure the majority of the 100ish daily players jamestown has DOES read the boards.

i am giving an extremely generous offer for ANYONE who wishes to take me up on it, the only real way to build the server populations back up is for the respective server leaders to take the reigns and make it happen. this is my attempt at doing so, people who join the town are helping to rebuild the server while building themselves at the same time. those who do not join the town are either antisocial and do not care about the servers health or are troublemakers.

and do not compare me to the antics of tribe folks or candies, i have had my fun killing loads of people sure. but i am not here to collect treaty payments or slaughter everyone for wearing masks. i am giving the same choice that has been given for thousands of years across human history.

"join or die"

but that is more dramatic than it sounds, typically that choice is given under situations of duress where "joining" meant slavery in a salt mine or some such, what i am saying can be translated to "join up, be a part of something and enjoy the game on a new level or be part of the fat that gets cut."

Re: A new era of prosperity on jamestown

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:54 pm
by Jalpha
No taxes? I'd join.


Re: A new era of prosperity on jamestown

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:13 pm
by Darwoth
no taxes, no expectations beyond the list of "rules".

just a fresh way to play the game.

already have three signups, remember to private message me if you wish to be a part of this project folks.

Re: A new era of prosperity on jamestown

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:25 pm
by DarkNacht
Your offer is more generous, but more restrictive, then the other server leaders, but as much as we would like it if all new players spent a day or two reading the forums before playing, that is not a reality. Many more new players would likely join you if you gave them an offer first instead of raiding/killing them and then telling them that they can join you. If you really want to grow the server that would be the best way, I know its not how you do things but you will build a far better server by asking first.
Also I'm not saying that you should give everyone a warning, if the player has clearly been playing for a long time then they should know of your offer.

Re: A new era of prosperity on jamestown

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:28 pm
by Darwoth
well a random newb living out of a hovel might be given more leniency and a chance to join, than say a triple walled fort with 100 braziers that should have long since been aware of the forums.

Re: A new era of prosperity on jamestown

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:33 pm
by darnokpl
I must create some character on JT :) any HS for spawns?