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Re: how to win salem

Postby Claeyt » Sun May 27, 2018 10:33 pm

Thank You Marp for Getting Darwoth and Tmeow to Rage Quit.

I log on for the first time in a month and get to witness a great cleansing bowel movement within the game of Salem

Also, wipe his accounts and ban him from the forum as well so you can get on with building the game.

Darwoth wrote:As you can see i am quite open about my **** because i am not a liar or coward like lazun/duke and so many others.

You lied to win Popham by creating a false screen shot and then proceeded to compound that lie and hurt the growth of the game by hording Animals and lying when you sold infertile animals to those willing to pay to help spread them to the new players and general player-base for the good of the game.

As for your religious post, which I read, go ***** your White Power Woden/Odinism right in the ass. You're not the only one whose studied ancient religions. I see no chance that you are Wiccan as you have never once lived by the rule of 'Harm None' here on the forums and have repeatedly used racial and homophobic slurs both here and on your 'Scary Bad Guys Forum' and talk of violence against all who live life their own ways or who disagree with your worldview so I can only assume you've found some sort of Germanic/Scandanavian Woden purity cult to nurse your lack of humanity towards others. I can only take from your religious post alongside your numerous examples of hatred towards others that you are using this religion to further your racial identity for yourself so as to seemingly fill that void where your soul should be. I have read your words and posted pics of hate for years and seen nothing but violence towards others and bile that hurts the game's forum and the world in general with your racism, sexism and homophobic ideas. Get ***** and take your Germanic pure gods with you.

TotalyMeow wrote:It is my opinion that the game sucks and will never get better while John owns it and Marp has the run of it. I thought that was clearly one of the big reasons I'm leaving. Your opinion may differ, but you don't need to reinterprate my words. Just have your own opinion, Ronch.

Instead of tearing down the game with a pink title why don't you just leave already. I'll say the same thing I told Dallane when he kept bashing the game before it was sold to JC. If you hate the game so much then why are you still here? Just leave already and take your negative downer sarcastic ***** with you so the rest of us can build and promote the game to new players without toxic sour-ass ***** like yourself bringing us down.


As for you and your legacy in this game,

Where Darwoth could have built, he only horded and promoted himself. Where Darwoth could have helped the game grow, he instead hindered it's development. He could have built and protected beautiful cities for new players, like Heffernan has, but instead built sheds full of stuff for himself. The game is better for him being gone.

As Someone who has played as long as Darwoth I couldn't disagree with him more. The toxic ***** Darwoth brought to this game in his no-life play of it destroyed this game more than any Dev action (or inaction) that ever happened here. If there was a bug or hidden change, he abused it. He destroyed one of the best, most respected towns because he gleaned info from dev communication that unprotected stones could be destroyed and then used that to wreck towns instead of reporting it to the forum.

The biggest difference between Darwoth and the Dev's (or anyone who's actually contributed to the game like Ender or Latikai or even me with my little clutter fix) is that he built nothing. He contributed nothing to this game that wasn't for his personal gain or glory. He could have built a massive town for noobs and then white-knight protected it for them but instead he tried and ending up killing all of them because they annoyed him. He could have offered constructive criticism of the Dev's (and they'd deserve it) but instead he hated on the game and the dev's and got personal and ugly. JC bought this little game because it was unique and fun in his opinion and it'd be dead now without him. Marp designed most of the visual stuff since they bought it it seems. Both of them BUILT and MAINTAINED something for others to learn, play and enjoy while others simply tear at it.

The game's fine. I've actually been surprised at how much that's come out since I quit playing it last Fall for work. It needs big towns full of people and a SMALLER MAP. It needs to be less perma-loss and more perma-build.

The toxic ***** Darwoth has spewed all over these forums and in-game was poison to this game and that the Dev's finally wised up to what he is lends me to believe they might do better without him on the forum to distract them from their building.

I've played this game when it was down to maybe, MAYBE 60 daily players when Seatribe got dropped by Paradox and left to dev HnH. 350 or so is a dream if the map wasn't so big and there were big safe towns to join.

NeiroShop wrote:I didnt think this is how you would end up.

This is EXACTLY how I knew he would rage quit. The only surprise is how long it took the Dev's to finally wise up to his *****.

Darwoth wrote:1> you must play solo.

False. The greatest loss of this game's potential was the lack of guilds/towns and forcing people to play in guilds to truly succeed in the late-game mechanics.

TheDuke86 wrote:Good ridence you cancer scum. You got what you deserved. Your lies got you to this point. Go plague some other game with your rage.

This. We can only hope the rest of the people who agree with him about 'Life', 'The World', 'The Game' follow him out the door.

Arianne wrote:
TheDuke86 wrote:This is the same dude who hoarded animals out of spite, knowing it would have made the over all Community enjoy a fun mechanic.

Why should anyone be required to share with others on this game? He singlehandedly won Popham and no one got the ark built (even with a year of spare time) and in all honesty kind of let it happen. Why should it be up to a player to please us? I don’t ever want to dislike anyone on this forum if I can help it but you are constantly posting uninformed comments for the whole playerbase to see

He won popham by fake screen-shotting a Tier 3 Witch skill. The Dev's then ***** it up by not disputing or correcting it and because of that the entire game population thought he could just end the server at any time. The Dev's then ***** it up again by not giving a timeline for when animals would be released and letting Darwoth horde them for 9 months thus destroying a mechanic the Dev's worked a year on. The Dev's ***** it up but Darwoth again did what was GOOD FOR HIM BUT NOT GOOD FOR THE OVERALL GAME.


psibomber wrote:100% new player here. Uh...
"This game has politics, check the forums!" - npc at Providence
This is the first thread I saw o_O

Build, Play Enjoy. The most toxic player on the game just left.

Paradoxyc wrote:Sorry, I was logged on the account for a sale I was doing for a separate playthrough but here I am, didn’t even notice the post account. There is no such thing as player blame in this game, i hope you do understand that. The point of his hoarding was to prove a point that the playerbase was unwilling to compete and therefore didn’t deserve the reward. And if you look back and remember he reluctantly DID end up providing the server with animals. WHY should a fellow player be the one who has to provide for the rest of us? Can’t we have raided the animals from his town? Titan or not it doesn’t matter, the game is a permadeath survival MMO, and Darwoth is a player, and whether you like him or not he didn’t owe us anything.

He doesn't owe us anything but he does owe the game something if he wanted to see it grow. He withheld a mechanic for 9 months (and the Dev's let him) when releasing it would have attracted new players to the game.

Champie wrote:Thank God we never have to hear from that ***** Darwoth again. And since he has Zodd trapped in his *******, that ***** should be going away permanently too! It's a bright New Day In Salem!

This. The Dev's could really use this as a rebirth of the game if they finally don't have Darwoth, Tmeow, Zodd and the rest to ***** constantly about stuff.

Dallane wrote:Jesus so much rage and ass madery. Just say bye and move on you look straight retarded lazun.

Bye Darwoth. The stars sadly never aligned for us to play together in game but I hope to see you in whatever next mmo brings that classic UO feel back.

He looks far from that Dallane. Now that Darwoth has finally been banned this leaves you as their greatest mistake.

TotalyMeow wrote:If anyone still really cares.

This day just keeps getting better.

The problem with you as any sort of public moderator Tmeow wasn't that you never really cared about this game imo. You put Dallane in as a mod or at least kept him there. You ruled this forum with sarcasm and disdain for the players instead of being friendly to noobs and promoting the game in any way.

Basically you are not fun, but rather sour, and that made you a very bad choice to be working for a "game".

Ronch wrote:Anyway, I respected you then, and still respect you now for your moral character alone.

His moral character? Are you talking about his racism, homophobia and sexism he's spouted off here for years?

Dallane wrote:The only reason people post here or criticize the game is because they care about it.

Then post constructive criticism and promote the game instead of just saying "Salem bad, Better before" over and over.
jorb wrote:(jwhitehorn) you are an ungrateful, spoiled child

As the river rolled over the cliffs, my own laughing joy was drowned out by the roaring deluge of the water. The great cataract of Darwoth's Tears fell over and over endlessly.
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Re: how to win salem

Postby Heffernan » Sun May 27, 2018 11:19 pm

lul Dallane so mad Claeyt started Exposing Darwoth and his asslickbuddy Dallane for Ragequitting that he actually moved the post to Himnom :lol:

git gud noone misses u guys.
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Re: how to win salem

Postby Dallane » Sun May 27, 2018 11:50 pm

Heffernan wrote:lul Dallane so mad Claeyt started Exposing Darwoth and his asslickbuddy Dallane for Ragequitting that he actually moved the post to Himnom :lol:

git gud noone misses u guys.

Nope thats not why. Bash away at Darwoth I really don't care. I hope you have PMs turned on
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TotalyMeow wrote: Claeyt's perspective of Salem and what it's about is very different from the devs and in many cases is completely the opposite of what we believe.
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Re: how was I able to die while not in the game?

Postby Memento » Sun Jun 03, 2018 12:01 am

scabby wrote:Is someone able to kill you while you're not in the game or while "asleep" in a bed? I just logged in after being out a few days and my character is gone.

Most likely dev abuse. Check with Marp, I know he is doing everything he can to drive players away.
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Re: madness

Postby Memento » Thu Jun 21, 2018 1:13 am

Hellsblackace wrote:used all my tobacco to drop 3 levels and in 10 mins back up 3 levels????

Check with Marp, he is known to increase players madness from time to time, you want to rule this out first.
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Re: Vatican Pawn Shop + Tailoring + Buying all Items

Postby Hose » Sat Jul 07, 2018 8:41 am

Ded game, nobody buys your crap.
My dog walks me to the park and doggy styles me, if you find that weird you're an arrogant gender-assuming bloodthirsty gun-loving cisgender bestial sexist incestuous white-previlege misogynistic biased raped privileged Nazi slave owner terrorist lesbian.
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Re: September Campaign (Kampania wrześniowa)

Postby Forgin » Sat Aug 04, 2018 2:57 pm

To niezła kampania wrześniowa, dobra lecę dalej
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Re: how to win salem

Postby WeebKiller » Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:17 pm

2018 is a sad year... Robbie Rotten and Darwoth :(((
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Re: how to win salem

Postby Ronch » Thu Aug 23, 2018 6:11 pm

WeebKiller wrote:2018 is a sad year... Robbie Rotten and Darwoth :(((

Most of us know who is hiring all of these bereaving wailers, so...

By now this woah-to-Salem lamenting has begun to become comedic.
Why not just blame Canada, and move on with your life ?
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Reviresco wrote:I log into this game and have fun.
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Re: how to win salem

Postby Rifmaster » Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:02 pm

You guys should have just let this thread die with the last post being "Do you have a statue?"
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