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Postby baronbowden » Mon Aug 27, 2012 3:49 pm

The cash shop needs ALOT of attention.
I droped 25 bucks to the devs off the bat and spent it all on just increasing claim size so that it wouldn't really give me much of a boost (wanted to go through the entire learning curve)

The problem that people are bringing up around the fact that once you are midway into the game there is 0 need to spend money is a huge problem.
The only thing I can see it being used for is following

Initial pocket scratch for claim and backpack etc. This will die out over time as supply outweighs demand.
Event that an entire guild/town gets razed ( I would think transferring silver between alts would just solve this though)

The problem with vanity item sales will be that unless you have a sink where they also get destroyed (which will make them harder to sell) it is a very finite market for that as well.

From a business perspective imo the only real sink I could see getting people to open up their wallets are the following:

Character resurrection (or at least some sort of experience fast track potion kind of thing)
Vanity items & decorations (not sure how successful unless destroyed on KO to keep demand pumping)
Increased efficiency for town production facilities
Increased character efficiency (carefully has to be balanced so that it does not ruin the game)
Temporary buff's only available through cash shop

Long term I think the devs need a hard look at how to improve their cash flow from the game.
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