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Plague Doctor Mask

Postby joshnpk » Thu Mar 28, 2019 3:40 pm

In order for the plague doctor mask to be effective you should have to fill it up with flowers (As they did IRL). Lets say you can put 10 flowers into it at most and this will give you disease protection for an 1 hour, if you only put 5 flowers into it you will only be protected for 30 mins etc.
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Re: Plague Doctor Mask

Postby Ronch » Thu Mar 28, 2019 4:39 pm

I like the idea, with the exception of the amount of flowers consumed by the mask per hour.
Even though this idea would put further burdens on the newest of Salem's players, ie: the lower humor/bile players, and would currently have little to no affect on players with characters who's humor points are already built up past a certain amount numerically.
...I guess it would keep some of us from creating so many alts, but the trade-off would be that it would even further burden new players into not giving Salem a fair chance to addict them.

The game is already very unforgiving to new players.
I think disease and plague in Salem should have a larger impact on character's humors/biles and not just be a death timer.
So, if Salem implements flower-fuel for plague mask in the future, I think we should at the same time consider plague's negative-affects changes too, to increase or decrease depending on the infected individual character's total humor points.

Dribbles from my reasoning here:
My main character(s) still wear plague mask, but it is only because I am to lazy to change it until I actually need a different mask. (I still wear'em because the plague mask looks cool too)
...Plague and the threat of plague had a big impact on my early game-play decisions, like I always wore a plague mask in Providence and would totally avoid the dead and skeletons laying about, and just not tread upon any area of the map that had even small populations of rats.
But, once a player's main character(s) or specialized character's humors are built past a certain point numerically, the threat of catching a disease just doesn't have a significant impact on how they use that character or where they send that character anymore, because catching the plague isn't even a minor inconvenience at that point in the game for them any longer.
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