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Postby Chrumps » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:10 am

The title says it all. It has been mentioned in suggestions before, though with little detail.

A new species of animals, living in herds. Roaming. Moving at pace of wander mode. Not aggressive but capable of trampling a non-mounted Salemite. Capable of trampling anything lesser than a plank wall or a house.
Combat AI based on domestic bull. Lots of hit points, lots of damage, comparable to wishpoosh or maybe furfur in that respect.
Aggroing a whole herd is disputable. That would be a nice thing but given the expected herd size it could be too much to stomach.
Black bile meat, better than beaver's.
Rare drop: another kind of horn.
Moving bisons tend to leave a smelly trail of *****, akin to hydrukeys. Primarily another fertilizer, possibly a lesser version of cow manure.

The roaming mechanics based on whale behaviour, that is without AI for keeping herd together and reversing migration direction according to season.
New herds spawned along the map edge over few minimap tiles. Preferably two routes of bison migration, one east and one west of Limefront. Additional teleport mechanics based on bear AI to prevent being trapped.

Hopefully not that much coding, using mostly recycled mechanics. Server, network and client load could be an issue if herds are made realistically big.
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Re: Bisons

Postby GigiBecali » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:03 am

The more content the better +1
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