Salvaging and Town Bells

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Salvaging and Town Bells

Postby Taipion » Sat Dec 02, 2017 10:44 pm

We all know how town bells used to be dirt cheap,
and we all know why they cost an arm and a leg now.

Salvaging has two impacts on that.
(For the unknowing, this is about "town-belling" someone)

1.) It lowers the threshold by looting the place, not like in "loot stuff from the place" but as in "loot the whole place itself, everything except the pavement". :D
This is especially important for the typical halfway advanced pre-town settlement with actual walls, braziers but no bell yet, which will offset the cost of a bell alone through salvaging by a good bit.

2.) And most importantly, it allows you to immediately salvage your own bell after you're done, as you don't need to cover up scents, cutting your expense of "getting in" by 50% in the long run.

So to put this right, there are a few options at hand, as a "should be" on of these two:

- make town bells un-salvageable

- make town bells return nothing when salvaged

and optionally, even after doing one of the above, due to (1.),
add a time sink to the cost of a townbell, that effects new and old players preferably equally, without significantly increasing the overall cost,
something like:

- exchange in the recipe the 200 stone with 200 smooth stones (and maybe reduce one or more of the other material costs)
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