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Postby grimkid » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:16 am

JohnCarver wrote:I'm not sure how I feel emotionally on how much of a hard time you guys are giving this guy :). But either way, natural disasters on some level would be fun. Most of what you suggested doesn't work for some fairly obvious reasons. The biggest problem is I want 'things' in Salem to change salem and its landscape forever, and major events like this would just deteriorate the map into a mess of water, burned trees, and upside stuff too frequently for my taste. If made less common then the risk and threat would be too minimal.

I recently engaged another player on the ideas of global events though, and I was fond of exploration into astrology or other metrics like zodiac signs to have various status changes on a global level aside or in addition to seasons. Will continue to ponder but for obvious reasons not something I can waste too much time on with many other things this game needs right now taking priority.

You could implement some of those things in specific areas, and not to let them roam around. some players could engineer awesome fortresses inside "the eye of the storm", either on land or at sea on artifical islands. Both defense and scavanging will be a lot more fun and a lot more challenging for the advanced players
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