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another map tool

Postby Finndibaenn » Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:33 pm

If anyone's interested , I've made public a small tool for merging Ender's Client created maps.
This tool is used to help merging session maps created from Ender's client for the Salem Game (

It was originally inspired by (salem-map-tool, at but differs in that it will try to automatically find matches in your session maps.
This is achieved by hashing the files and looking for files with same hashes.

How to use
- have java installed (was tested with java7)
- double click the jar file
- By default, the tool will look for salem maps in $USER_HOME$/Salem/map. If you have connect on multiple servers it should ask you to choose one. If it doesn't find any suitable directory, you will be given a change to choose one. This must be the parent directory of the sessions directories.
- When merging sessions, both original session directories will be emptied/deleted, and a new directory will be created with today's date. For each tile existing in both sessions, the more recent one will be kept (and last modified date preserved).

Known issues
- will get confused by open water (maps with tiles of only water), as they are all identical
- get confused when the client changes the colors/hues of tiles, (something which recently happened). In that case you're down to the above linked salem-map tool.

If anyone want to try, download and execute ... r?raw=true.
It requires to have java installed, but if you don't ... you're not playing :)

edit : removed version from jar name so the link doesn't change
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Re: another map tool

Postby Finndibaenn » Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:13 am

fixed some build issues and added progress feedback for loading (can take some time if lots of sessions are present)
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Re: another map tool

Postby Lando242 » Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:13 am

Nice work. The auto match finder is cool. Is there a way to manually match tiles? It also seems to have problems with the mountain texture and makes incorrect matches too it. I could correct the problem but I can't figure out how to selected a different tile to start the merge from. I also can't seem to get it to recognize maps made in the other tool you linked. It will load them and display them but not try to make any matches.
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Re: another map tool

Postby Kandarim » Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:42 am

keep in mind map tiles can change slightly between two sessions: pavement appearing, dirt disappearing, ...
That generally means hashes are not the way to go, seeing as a small input change results in a massive output change. I don't know specifics about the program, but that seems like a bad foundation for a map matcher :(
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Re: another map tool

Postby Que » Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:02 pm

Map isnt working what so ever. i use this for haven and it worked perfectly until recently when it completely stopped loading what it needed to. is there a way to fix this?
id ask on haven, but the forum is currently unusable/unavailable (i myself cant log into the forums anyway for now)

basically what happens, is when i click to load the map bits from my map folder, this program quickly 'loads' and pops up blank. so i go into the folders again to see if i can open my map folder from there and this continues to 'load' and pop up nothing.

for the first day or so, however, it worked fine. did i screw something up?
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