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Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

Postby Taipion » Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:38 am

Update: Syncing...

A new update for ya all!

First the minor things:
- changed the description of one option in the fps-config-window to make clear that it hides (not so imporant) additional info in the fps display
- in the Log-channel, unkinned (unnamed) players should now be referenced as "Player" instead of "body" (= player model name)

Syncing the timers:
Since the first implementation by ender in his client, there was a bug or problem of sorts with using timers and multiple clients.
It would easily overwrite your changes of the other instances, like this:
- start first client and log in with char A, start second client and log in with char B
- the timers (previously) only ever loaded from the config file upon login
- do some changes to timers (start/stop/add/delete) on char A => saved as expected
- changes are now invisible to char B as they were never reloaded
- do some changes to timer on char B => overwrite everything you did on char A
I guess you get the basic idea. This way it was kinda easy to mess up your timers unintentionally and maybe even unknowingly.
Especially with the personal "for one character only"-timers, for instance to keep track of all their mason lodge timers, their madness exposure, hookah usage,.... without having to look at all timer from all chars on every single char, but only see those that belong to the char you're logged in with... well, there are many uses, and especially with the personal timers it would be very easy to overlook such a overwritten timer as you don't see it on another char.

No more!

New timer stuff:
- first off, timers are now ALWAYS checked before any timer action (start/stop/add/delete), and reloaded if and ONLY if there was a change,
this means that it is now by default impossible to overwrite and mess up your timers, no matter how many chars and client instances you use at once (on the same computer!)
- added reload button on the timers window to manually re-load without doing any changes
- added a new option under Options/Hacks/... to auto-sync timers, this basically has no performance impact (about 1/1000th below anything anyone could notice), yet, ofc, if you don't use timers on multiple client instances it's useless, so it's off by default

Did you know how many people I know?!
One addition to the kin window:
- there now is a line that sums up your kin list, there are 3 numbers:
On: chars that are online
Kin: chars that are kinned (not just memorized)
Total: sum of all chars in your kin list
- this is updated every time there is a change to your kin list (online/offline/added/removed/...), but at most once per second to keep it good on the performance side, as the server tells you the content of your kin list one by one when logging in, and it would make no sense to update it 1k times for every char in the list. ^^

ClickAllPlugin - Update:
- updated the ClickAllPlugin, link can be found in the first post under plugins, well, I'll just put the download here for your convenience. ;)
- it should be impossibe now for the plugin to stall the client to a halt, or impact it at all
- might be running faster or slower now depending on your fps, will be slower if running on a minimized client with lowered fps option
- should be more responsive now to stopping it with the hotkey when it's running already (push and hold the hotkey if you want to be really sure to stop it fast^^)

As always, use the links in the first post, or just run the updater of your choice to get the new update.

And also as always, any feedback and ideas for fixes, additions and changes are welcome, just let me know! :-)
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