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Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:27 pm
by Taipion
HeadAche wrote:Is there a way to change default cam direction which is facing North when you login?

No, there is currently no way to change the default cam orientation...
BUT... I do know it's facing north in my client because I changed the default to that, because I like it that way, and it's my client and so on ...^^
AND I am aware that this is probably not preferred by everyone, so I am planning (since a while) to do some more work on the cams, which will allow everyone to customize them all to your hearts content (!) (!) (!)
I just had no time lately to do this, there are quite a few more things on my list, but that one will be next, so just deal with it for now or use Latikais instead, and soon (tm) you'll have all the freedom imaginable in that regard. ;)

Heffernan wrote:crashed, not sure if you but ill post anyway

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Delayed error in resource gfx/terobjs/items/pigskincape (v1), from plugin resource source
at com.jogamp.common.util.awt.AWTEDTExecutor.invoke(
at jogamp.opengl.awt.AWTThreadingPlugin.invokeOnOpenGLThread(
at jogamp.opengl.ThreadingImpl.invokeOnOpenGLThread(
at haven.HavenPanel.uglyjoglhack(
at Source)
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Delayed error in resource gfx/terobjs/items/pigskincape (v1), from plugin resource source
at haven.Resource.checkerr(
at haven.Resource.layer(
at haven.Resource.layer(
at haven.Resource.getcode(
at haven.Sprite.create(
at haven.ResDrawable.init(
at haven.ResDrawable.setup(
at haven.Gob.setup(
at haven.RenderList.setup(
at haven.RenderList.add(
at haven.MapView.addgob(
at haven.MapView$3.setup(
at haven.RenderList.setup(
at haven.RenderList.add(
at haven.MapView.setup(
at haven.PView$1.setup(
at haven.RenderList.setup(
at haven.RenderList.setup(
at haven.PView.draw(
at haven.MapView.draw(
at haven.GameUI.drawFiltered(
at haven.GameUI.draw(
at haven.Widget.draw(
at haven.Widget.draw(
at haven.RootWidget.draw(
at haven.UI.draw(
at haven.HavenPanel.redraw(
at haven.HavenPanel$1.display(
at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.displayImpl(
at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.display(
at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGLImpl(
at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGL(
at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventQueue.access$500(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventQueue$ Source)
at java.awt.EventQueue$ Source)
at Method)
at$JavaSecurityAccessImpl.doIntersectionPrivilege(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
at Source)
Caused by: haven.Resource$LoadException: Load error in resource gfx/terobjs/items/pigskincape(v1), from plugin resource source
at haven.Resource$Loader.handle(
at haven.Resource$
at Source)
Caused by: Could not find resource: gfx/terobjs/items/pigskincape
at haven.Resource$2.get(
at haven.Resource$Loader.handle(
... 2 more

Thanks for the report,
does not look like a client error, but some resource that was either corrupted or failed to load,
if it persists, you may want to delete your gfx/terobjs/items/pigskincape in /.salem/cache/
If that still does not solve the issue, give me a call and I'll have a better look at it. ;)

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 10:43 pm
by Taipion

Added a new search field to the buddy window (kin list).
Granted, this might be more valuable for older players with 1k people in their kin list, but it was easy so I just did it. :-)

Just type in the text field named "search name" to find a character you have kinned with that name.

It goes like this:

- anytime you type in that field, a search is done for a character name starting with the letters you wrote
- if a character is found, it will be selected and the list will be scrolled (!) to that character, too
- if you empty the text field, you are automatically taken back to the start of your kin list
- putting an asterisk (*) in front of the text, searchs for any character containing the letters you wrote
(note: one asterisk (') alone without any letters does not trigger a search)
- focus will stay on the text field while you search
- hitting [ENTER] will show the next (!) character that matches your search

To get the update, run the updater.jar of your choice, or use the update method of your choice (all in the first post of this thread).

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:32 am
by gorniksam
gut job

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:20 pm
by TheShardedGoth
For some weird reason I cannot change the position of minimap

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:06 pm
by Taipion
TheShardedGoth wrote:For some weird reason I cannot change the position of minimap

The weird reason is, that you did not read the features list, somewhere among the first few things it reads that I inverted the CTRL-modifier for the map,
so normally you would CTRL-left-click on the map to move your char there, and just left-click-drag to move the map, in my client it is the other way round.

This is because of alternating between CTRL-click (move on map) and just click (move otherwise) will lead to dismounting yourself when travelling on a canoe or cricket,
and because having both be the same, just clicking without CTRL, makes more sense.

I can't imagine what other features you missed by not reading the features list... :P

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:14 pm
by TheShardedGoth
That is actually the only one, it might be becouse I was after tending to coal irl XD

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:36 pm
by Taipion

Free cams for everyone! :D

Have you ever felt a slight feeling of dislike about the default angle of a camera?
Have you ever been annoyed by the fiddling it takes to get the cam set up like you want to, every time you log in?
Have you ever longed for more convenience in the ways of Salem cameras?

No more!

From now on, you can configure the default values for all cams separately, and conveniently!

Under: Option / Camera & Graphics / ... you will now find a button "Cam Config" next to the camera type selection.
This button opens a window with sliders to adjust your favorite cam in the following ways:
- Angle: is the left-right axis
- Elevation: is the up-down axis
- Distance: is ...the distance of the cam, now freely configurable for ever single cam from up close to super far (!)
- Scroll Speed: is a multiplier on the mouse-wheel-scroll-speed of cams, that's right, you can even configure that now!

Further convenience features include:
- you can keep the "Cam Control Options"-window open while clicking through the cams, and it will update without the need to re-open it
- all cams are saved separately, and automatically
- the "console name" of the selected cam is displayed in that window ("Current cam is: ..."), so you know which one it is, if you want to control it by console later
- when using the sliders, the exact values are outputted to system chat so you can exactly see what you do
- with this, you can even adjust values that are not otherwise configurable, like the elevation for isometric cams

The console:
- parameters used via console command are NOT saved, and won't change your settings for that cam(!)
- ":cam CamName" will select the cam of that name, see above paragraph for how to know that name
- ":help" has all the details of this and other cam commands
- Options are: ":cam CamName angle elevation distance scrollSpeed"
- "x" for a value if you want to skip it (and use the currently saved value for that cam, or the default if none is saved yet)
- angle and elevation are entered in degrees (°)
So as an example, if you typed in ":cam free 270 25 300 10" will give you the freestyle cam with 270° angle (left-right), 25° elevation (up-down), 300 distance (somewhat close) and 10 times scroll speed,
if you typed ":cam free 270" instead you would just define the angle (first parameter) and take the other 3 as they are,
if you typed ":cam free x 25 x 10" you would skip angle (first) and distance (third) and only set elevation (up-down) and scroll speed.
This can be very convenient if you have macros on your keyboard keys, like you can do with certain keyboards.

WARNING: I take no responsibility if you mess up with the following feature(!) ^^

2nd feature for today: auto-unkin-red

This will, if activated, auto unkin (just "unkin", not "forget") every character in your kin-list that belongs to the 3rd group which has the colour red.

This is OFF by default, ofc.

There is no button for it, so you can't accidentally mess up with this.

To activate, type into the console: ":autounkinred"

If active, it will auto-unkin red characters in your kin list when you:
- activate this
- log in
- someone memorized and marked as red kins you

[edit:] this is ofc saved, so if turned on, it will be on for all consecutive session until turned off again

To receive the update, as usual, run the updater.jar of your choice (first post of this thread) or use an alternative installation method of your choice (also first post of this thread).

If you have any feedback or ideas, feel free to share it here! ;)

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 1:20 am
by Taipion
Currently looking for more ideas!

What is inconvenient on the client and could be (maybe) made better?

What would be cool to add to the client?

PM me of post here if you have something in mind! ;)

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 1:00 pm
by Taipion
I got a handful of small but convenient/interesting updates coming soon. :-)

Still looking for more ideas!

Come on guys, I know you all are creative! ;)
(for thinking of new stuff to add to the client)

And you all are critical! ^^
(for thinking of what can be done better on the client)

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 2:11 am
by Taipion
Update: Is that a log in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?!

Hello again, this update brings you all some very interesting stuff to play around with!
First some not so gamebreaking things:

- now works with pails, clay pots and copper pots
Simple as that, just as a bucket works, go onto a water tile and take it in hand with "autobucket" enabled and you got instant water in it.

Radar Config
This refers to the Options/Radar config/ groups:
- (de)selecting a group in Options/Radar config now instantly works
Yes, you do not need to walk away and back there to load it again, things will instantly show or vanish on your radar when you (de)select a group.

Camera and Items in your hand:
Previously, you were unable to zoom the camera in/out while holding an item in you hand (cursor),
you were also unable to rotate the cam with the middle mouse button while holding an item.
No more!
Both of that now works, regardless of there being an item in your hand or not.

And now to the fancy stuff...
The Chat, the Log, and the floating numbers:
You will find 5 new checkboxes under Options/Hacks/
- "Show chat channels in 2 columns instead of 1" - just what it says, saving space and giving more overview if you use the new Log and chat with a lot of people!
- "Show Log channel for floating numbers" - adds an additional white chat channel, that... really!... displays all floating numbers there, too! more to that later...
- "Also add target name of floating numbers" - adds the name of the floating numbers target to the output, also more to that later...
- Mute System chat channel" - mutes the audio that is played when a message pops up here
- Mute Log chat channel" - mutes the audio that is played when a message pops up here

- you can also toggle the mute on System and Log channels with left-clicking on them when they are already selected
- right-clicking any chat channel that is already selected, will clear that channel of any messages! so you can clear a log or any other channel whenever you feel like it
- you can still use the scroll wheel to scroll the chat channel list up and down, if there are more than can be displayed at once
- this also works with 2 columns of chat channels (!)
- I took great care that they still preserve their order and not mess up if you do so with 2 columns

THE Log:
Now in detail, this new Log will display:
- ALL floating numbers, be that bonus rolls, fertilizers, or combat damage (!)
- If the respective option is selected, it will also display the name of the target of these floating numbers, this can be you, a field, a herbpot, a beaver, or another player,
it will even display other players name in the Log if you have a name for them in the Kin list (!)
- it will also display your characters name, if you are the target

That's right, you can basically use this as a combat log!
And ofc for evaluating all your bonus rolls for ...planting pots, planting fields, adding money to towns/claims and whatever else, and just copy it from the Log if you want to!

As always, see the first post of this thread for the update method of your choice, simplest is to just run the updater.jar as usual.
(btw, no need to re-download the updater.jar if you already have one for my client)

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, tell me!