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Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:55 pm
by Ronch
Thanks for all of the work Taipion, good job !

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:46 pm
by Taipion

Added new updaters with special tsalem.jar files under "Installation" in the first post.
If you are running a Mac or you are otherwise forced to have a java version lower than 1.7, this is for you! :-)

Changed the tstarter.bat in a way that seems to work better.
If you happened to get a "Connection refused: connect" error, this fix is for you! ;)
(passing the URLs now as argument to the method rather than -D, thanks to Chrumps for pointing that out!)

If anyone of you is still unable to start it for whatever reason or with whatever error message,
please PM me or talk to me ingame (HS: taipionshop) so I can fix it, thank you!

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 9:26 pm
by Taipion
Feature Spotlight: Mining Helper

The idea for this was actually meant for a plugin, but due to how and what you can do with a plugin and with the client itself,
I decided to also take this into the client, as it was much better when done there.

So what does it do:
It helps you keep the mining-cusors!
That does not sound like much, but just look at what you do when mining normally:
- activate mining cursor
- left-click somewhere to mine
- right click once to de-activate the mining-cursor
- right click another time to drop the boulder you mined
- activate the mining cursor again
- ...
Now what if you could mine with just 2 clicks instead of all that?
Well, now you can! ;)

How to control:
In the console, type ":mining" to switch mining modes between default-mode/fast-mode/off,
or type ":mining off" to deactivate it directly.
By default, it is active and in default-mode.

Left-Click (both modes):
Usually, you can't move with a left-click while the mining-cursor is active, well, usually. ^^
- with any mining helper mode active, you can actually move with a left-click on any non-mine-able-tiles as if you had no mining-cursor (!)
- works with tile centering, too

Right-Click (default mode):
- in default mode, one right-click actually does 2 right-clicks
- first right-click discards the mining-cursor
- second right-click drops the boulder you carry (if you carry one), if you clicked on the ground and not on an object (like yourself)
- if your char moves (dropping the boulder is a movement even if you dropped it right at your feet), the mining-cursor is re-activated
- works with tile centering, too
With this you can drop your boulder wherever you want, with 1 click instead of 2, and without the need to re-activate the mining-cursor yourself.

Right-Click (fast mode):
A right-click in fast-mode drops the boulder right at your feet and re-activates the mining-cursor for you.
This is done by:
- your original right-click discarding the mining-cursor
- adding a 2nd right-click to the one you did, just at your feet, to drop the boulder right there
- then re-activates the mining cursor for you

Note about Tile-Centering:
As some people don't know it, tile-centering (CTRL-Z) is an awesome help when mining, to perfectly place your char and then the boulders you mine,
if you have never used it while mining, I highly recommend you at least try it.

But how do I get rid of the mining-cursor now?!
Easy. ^^
- if you have fast-mode on, simply switch to another cursor by activating ..."lift" or anything, or de-activate it or switch to default-mode and then discard it
- in default-mode, simply right-click yourself or any object where the right-click does not trigger your char moving, or just switch to another cursor

I might add a checkbox in the options for this feature someday, but as of now I do not feel that is necessary at all.
If you do not know how to "open" the console, click on "system chat" in your chat window and then type ":",
you can also type ":help" for this and some other features.

With these, you can actually 2-click-mine long tunnels, or just move around freely and place your boulders with one click instead of two and without ever having to re-activate the mining-cursor yourself!
If you're a hardcore miner, I guess you will just love this.
And if you've ever mined in Salem, you'd probably want to try it again with this, just to know how good it feels. :-)

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:52 am
by Taipion

Run the updater of your choice or manually download the new tsalem.jar to get it.

- extended the buff alert with a new (optional) bigger display for the remaining-duration-percentage, and the new option to permanently mute buffs (right click to mute/unmute), single-session-mute is still left click as usual

in detail:

- new option in the buff alert configuration to display the duration-as-percentage bigger and more readable

- new option to permanently mute a buff by right-clicking on it to mute/unmute, it shows a blue-ish "P" when permanently muted, and will do so in all consecutive sessions until unmuted (again, right-click on the buff)

- old single-session-mute (left-click on buffs to mute/unmute) remains unchanged except it does a red-ish "S" now for single-session mute

I did chose a less prominent colour for the "P" as you might look at it for a long time and it's less distracting this way.

As always, give me feedback if you are unhappy with something, only then I can change it!

Also: Feature-Spotlight about the buff alert coming soon. ;)

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:40 am
by black89hawk
thanks much taipoin this look great

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:24 am
by reeper_aut
move "enable tracking on login" to "hacks"
guess makes more sense now, that you have running etc. there

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:26 pm
by Taipion
reeper_aut wrote:move "enable tracking on login" to "hacks"
guess makes more sense now, that you have running etc. there

Thanks for your bug report in the other thread and this suggestion, I'll take a look at the "activate run/... on login" to de-activate properly without closing the client.

The "tracking on login" though is not my work and not really related to movement, I'd say it is in a good place and I'll leave it there.

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:27 pm
by Taipion
Update! :-)

- fixed the "activate [movement mode] upon login" not de-activating properly when you de-select it

- added an option (in the render distance control window) to reduce the displayed ground tiles from 125 by 125 to 75 by 75, which is usually not much of a performance gain, but will help if you need to squeeze out every last bit of performance ^^

- reduced fps-cap of un-focused client instances from ~10 to ~5, this will significantly increase performance if you tend to run multiple clients

As always, if you encounter anything unexpected with this client, or something does not work as you think it should, just give me a call and I'll take a look at it.

To receive this update, just run your preferred updater.jar from the first post of this thread
(no need to download it again if you have it, it will update your tsalem.jar once you run it).

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:56 pm
by Taipion
Feature Spotlight: Buff Alerts

In todays issue, we'll have a look at those handy little buff alerts, what they do and how to use them. :-)

Buff Alerts functionality:
When a buff goes below a certain threshold, you can have visual and audible alerts to draw your attention to it before it expires.
- The visual alert will tint the buffs icon into an alarming red, which is quite hard to miss on its own already
- The audio alert will play a (configurable!) sound every few seconds, so you will notice even if you are on another char or game or whatever (... so long as you have sound^^)
- Now you also have the choice to display the remaining duration not only in the way you know it, that kinda pie-chart-ish display ticking counter-clockwise, you can also have 2 other indicators (actually 3), and you can chose any combination of them or even all at once!

Under Options/Hacks is a button "Buff/Alert Configuration" that will open the window for this feature.
- The top button turns this whole feature on/off
- Second button only turns the sound alert on/off (if first button is on)
- Next 3 buttons are your choice what kind of display you like for the remaining duration, the last one (display as %-number) also has the option to make this number much bigger and more visible
- Next comes an input field where you can chose the %-duration-threshold at which the alert will activate
- Last is the audio resource to play as sound alert, which is an ingame sound (!), go to your users/[yourUserName]/.salem/cache/res/... folder to find other sounds that you might want to play instead!

Single Buff Mute:
Separately, you can mute one buff at a time, to do this, you can:
- left-click a buff and a red "S" will appear, indicating a "session" or "single time" mute, this will mute that buff and prevent any alert from it for as long as you are logged in with that clients session, remove with another left-click
- right-click a buff and a blue-ish "P" will appear, indicating a permanent mute, that will last over this and all consecutive logins until you remove the mute with another right-click
I did chose a less prominent colour for the "P" as you might look at it for a long time and it's visible but less distracting this way.

Other Buffs:
Buffs without a duration are ignored and will neither display one of the duration-indicators nor play an alert, ever.

And as a little teaser, here comes a pic with a view of the options and 2 lines of buffs with all 3 duration-indicators, the first line has the "bigger number" checked, the 2nd line has small default numbers.

You can also see a "S" and a "P" on the 2nd row of buffs.

I know a percentage-based threshold is not perfect, but an actual time like "alert me 1 minute before it expires" is a little more difficult to do, and might be added in a later release, but has no high priority right now.

As always, let me know if you have any suggestions or so regarding this and the other features!

Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:52 am
by Kandarim
Great to see you have released!
For people who were not aware: most of the latest updates to my client were already done by Taipion, with me simply checking/uploading to my public repository. He knows what he's doing :)