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Postby Taipion » Mon Feb 22, 2021 11:44 pm

Update: Order!

New/Extended Feature: Continuous Sorting now works for ALL containers, instantly, if turned on
As Paradoxic requested, and showed how this has always been working like that in enders client,
it now is the same for mine.
If you turn on Continuous Sorting, all Containers that you open will be sorted, like chests and sheds and all that.

New Shortcut: Toggle Continuous Sorting from any inventory
The sort-button, available in any inventory window, now has an additional function: rightclick it to toggle Continuous Sorting
The tooltip also tells you that now.

New Shortcut: Bypass "transfer limit"
Using CTRL + SHIFT + click, you can now bypass the transfer limit while still being able to decide how to sort.
Using LMB or MMB is sort descending, RMB is sort ascending. (same as SHIFT + ALT + click)
This is particularly useful for filling 1k items into sacks by:
- opening a container (chest, sheds,...) with a lot of sacks in it
- use ALT+right-click on a sack to open ALL sacks of that type, in order
- use (new) CTRL+SHIFT+click to bypass transfer limit and dump in your whole inventory, if applicable

side note:
I assume everyone has the transfer limit activated by default, it is to prevent you from being (temporarily) kicked from the server if you do more than about 1000 actions within about a second,
you would unknowingly do that if you were at a trade barrel or any other container and you had ~1k items of the same type in your inventory and constantly SHIFT+ALT+click them,
because even though the barrel only holds 49 items, without the transfer limit enders/latikais/taipions... would try to transfer ALL items of that type, every time, sure way to get kicked ;)
...end of history lesson

New Feature: Auto Equip Shovel
Yes, it is finally there! Should have been the case ever since, but it's never too late to add some QoL, right?! ;)
There even is a video link to show you how it works. (early version though)
Clicking "destroy" on any stump will now equip a shovel, if you have one.
This is done with utmost grace and thoroughness.
- The client will (open and) look into your toolbelt (if you have one), also look into your main inventory, and in your backpack (only if it is already open).
- In simple cases like "hand slot empty" + "shovel in main inventory" it will do a simpel "transfer" (=SHIFT+click) to equip the shovel with one click.
- in case a shovel is in your toolbelt, and you are on a dig-able tile, it will quickly switch to "dig", do a click, switch back to "destroy" and click the stump again, this way we can be sure to take the item you had in the hand slot into the toolbelt
- otherwise, if there is a shovel in the belt or backpack, it will just take the shovel and put it into the hand slot (and "transfer" = SHIFT+click the equipped hand slot item, if there was one, to free up the slot first), then use "xfer" to at least try to "SHIFT+scroll" the item that was previously in the hand slot into the toolbelt
- closes the toolbelt only if it was opened for looking into it
Yea, that's a lot to do and consider to make it as good as possible, but now it's done. :-)

New (small command line) Feature: Tile Name
As a by-product of the shovel shenanigans, you can now type :tile into the command line to get the resource name of the tile you stand on.

Bug-Fix: Built-In-Fuel-Filler-Plugin
This fixes several bugs with the built-in fuelFiller.
(hold CTRL and then right-click an item into an object like fuel into defence, food into turkey coops, stuff into composts,... to dump all stuff like that fast and full auto)
- fixed a bug with the built-in fuelFiller in combo with custom-item-act that would break the fuelFiller until client restart
- fixed a bug where the fuelFiller would stop after the first item when switching from one target to another

As always, get the update by running the updater.jar of your choice (first post of this thread) or getting the tsalem.jar directly (again, first post / github).

And as always, I'm looking for feedback and ideas of all kinds! Got some? Here's a pretty good place for them. ;)

... one of the next things I'll do, will be an "averager" to (optionally) collect and analyse all your rolls so you can see how much your average plenty/logs/pots/... roll really is!
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